WEird Dream

I am even dreaming about fishing shops now. Last night I had a dream where I was in a small friendly fishing shop. The shop keeper and I leant on the counter and just had a chat; he let me try out rods and showed me how to tie up a particularly tricky fly. I told him I was looking for another way to attach my leader to the fly line and he ran through a few options…….I was standing waving around a nice Hardy rod and comparing the action to a Sage when a mother and son came in. The shopkeeper had a chat about prices with the mother and he showed the boy how to set up a wee spinning rod with a worm or spinners and threw in a good youngster’s book. He had a chat about the ethics of fishing and put it into the young lad’s language. The next day I went back and the shop had doubled in size. We chatted for a few minutes but the shop was a bit busier and he was a bit stressed out as the books had to be balanced…..I bought some polyleaders and left. I went back the next day and it had got a bit larger still. This went on for a month until finally the wee shop had turned into a MEGA FISHING SUPERSTORE with rows and rows of rods, massive amounts of fly tying materials a hundred ways of attaching a fly line on to a leader and ready made plastic packs with everything for youngsters. There was rows and rows of tents and waders. There was lots of assistants (the old man had retired with stress) all standing about …….I was going to have a go at the hardy rod but it had a big security tag on it and I am too shy to get one of the assistants to get it off. I wandered about marveling at all the stuff, one of the assistants came up and asked me if I needed any help, he was a young guy and seemed keen…..he reminded me of when I go in clothes shopping and assistants hassle you and offer you cards with discounts…..I loathe clothes shopping .
I bought some hooks and slinked out.
I woke up and I was glad that it was a dream………….at least I think it was a dream!!

Id like to point out!!!

Someone keeps visiting the blog and has the river kelvin fishing category bookmarked. If you look down the left hand side you will see a list of categories, if you click on each one it will only display the posts in that category. If that was a mistake then this blog may seem even more boring than it actually is as I have not been fishing in ages now as it is the close season and have been making posts in other categories……the easist way to fix this is to click the picture up a the top of the blog….its a built in navigation tool that brings you back to he most recent post.
Ta ta!!

Oliver Twist !!

So I got my letter back from the ASA today…just the same as the other 28 that complained about the Jamie Oliver advert. Basically it is saying that at no point is Jamie Oliver makes no claims about Farmed Salmon as food!!
There is an interesting article you should read being hosted by wildfisher

Scotland on Sunday – Sport – Other Sport – Rise in American crayfish is bad signal for Scottish rivers

Scotland on Sunday – Sport – Other Sport – Rise in American crayfish is bad signal for Scottish rivers

THE American signal crayfish has been grabbing headlines again after being found in the River Ettrick, a main tributary of the Tweed.

Unfortunately, the threat of this invasive species is nothing new. It was introduced into England in the mid-1970s to farm for the table and has since established itself in the wild on many southern rivers, where it has wiped out the smaller native white-clawed crayfish.

In Scotland we have no indigenous crayfish but signal crayfish, which grow to over 20cm, are omnivores and can prey on small fish and fish eggs. They also reach high densities per square metre and can bury hard, leading to unstable riverbanks and damage to salmon and trout spawning grounds.

At the start of this year it emerged that colonies were present in the Dee in Kirkudbrightshire and the River Clyde and, indeed, that work had been ongoing for almost five years by the United Clyde Angling Protective Association to try and eradicate them from a section of the Lanarkshire water.

The fact they have now found their way into as rich a salmon spawning area of the Tweed system as the Ettrick is obviously very bad news.

I personally have not came up against these critters but I believe they are being introduced so that people can sell them. I was reading another article in the Herald the other day that was saying the the bailifs on Loch Lomond were stopping people from trying to stock Barbel into the Loch.
Barbel into Loch Lomond

Loch Lomond: Anglers treading a dangerous line

FISHERMEN have been caught deliberately trying to introduce foreign species of fish into Loch Lomond, despite repeated warnings of the damage they do to rare native species.
Water bailiffs around the loch have twice caught fishermen with containers of live barbel, which can grow up to 20lb and which feed on eggs of other fish.


I am always intrigued when I hear about this store. I read a lot about it in the forums that I go to and it always seems to have a lot of good priced tackle. There is a couple of things that I would like that I cannot get anywhere else so if anyone actually lives close to one of these stores I would be interested in hearing from you 🙂
The reason I would not buy it mail order is because it would cost 15 dollers to send something that only costs 10 dollers or there abouts.

New Record Shark 1035lb

A new record shark caught in Nova Scotia. It seems the fish was hooked in the mouth, and towed the boat around for a while , jumping out the water at times. Eventually it drowned.
new record shark
Seems a bit of a sorry picture, I thought sharks were endangered these days.

Already !!

So I went for a walk down to Kelvingrove Park today. I am working in the hospital at the moment as a guy that I support is in their just now. On my break I took a walk down to the river as it is right next to it!

It was looking bare, very very bare…..I wish I had my camera with me, those are older photos. Yet again I was kicking myself for not getting down to this neck of the woods more as there are some mighty fine little runs and riffles.
I was having a look at some old photos and found this
This gondola was brought over from Venice in 1901 for the International Exhibition. There was other things too like this water slide in Kelvingrove Park
As you can see the state of the river was a lot different at that time. There was a lot more water going through the river as it was used for overflows as well as a sewer ….ugh nice bit o swimming!!
I am looking forward to reading my new book on the Kelvin ……I see that someone has bought it for me off my wishlist 🙂

Hugh Falkus…Salmon fishing

Here is a piece of fishing history if I ever saw one (not least being the most expensive book on fishing to be sold on ebay). It is Hugh Falkus “Salmon Fishing” bound in leather and seemingly “The only copy in the world which is fully leather bound with personal drawings and inscription by the author”

Feel like bidding?

Oliver Under Fire

It seems Jamie Oliver is coming under even more pressure. A number of people have complained to the Advertising Standards Authority who were concerned about the validity of the claims that Scottish farmed salmon is “healthy”.
Have a gander at this Times Online Article
Here is a litte extract

Oliver has also been accused of hypocrisy for promoting the product — which he refuses to serve in his London restaurant — as part of a £4m advertising campaign for the supermarket giant Sainsbury.

Clarissa Dickson Wright, whose television career as one half of the Two Fat Ladies was launched by the same production company that discovered Oliver as a young chef, branded him a “whore”
Bruce Sandison of the environment group Salmon Farm Monitor said: “In my view Jamie Oliver is completely ill-advised to use his position as a celebrity chef to promote a product which is basically fat and unhealthy. Where is this farm? If it’s a paradise of environmental probity then surely they should be prepared to tell us where it is.”

That is Bruce Sandison the writer of many good books…..
Trout and Salmon Rivers and Lochs of Scotland

I will be interested to know how this little story develops……after all Mr Oliver can now hardly turn around and say he did not know that the fish suffered so as if you look down a couple of posts to “Jamie Oliver…..farmed salmon debate continues” you will see the statement he gave on his board about going to see the farms etc! I wont you to keep that in mind as this goes on 🙂

Black beetle

For anyone that is interested I have had to do a full reformat of my computer. I managed to get a virus last week….in fact I didnt actually get a virus it was my other half that opened a dodgy attachment that caused a virus to get in. It was zapped anyways but I like things all nice and new anyway so wiped the whole damn lot. I am now using Firefox as my web browser and Thunderbird as my computer mail program. They are smoooooooooooth as anything.
I have been having a gander around for flies for next season and am going to get the materials for a Black Beetle
black beetle fly
I was thinking about the fact that there is never any major hatches of flies on the Kelvin and have decided to give the old terrestrials a go. Its funny because I used to have some bee flies but never used them. I think I got them …….heck I know I got them when I got my first fly rod years ago and never used them!!
Need to get some of that foam stuff!!

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