Oliver Under Fire

It seems Jamie Oliver is coming under even more pressure. A number of people have complained to the Advertising Standards Authority who were concerned about the validity of the claims that Scottish farmed salmon is “healthy”.
Have a gander at this Times Online Article
Here is a litte extract

Oliver has also been accused of hypocrisy for promoting the product — which he refuses to serve in his London restaurant — as part of a £4m advertising campaign for the supermarket giant Sainsbury.

Clarissa Dickson Wright, whose television career as one half of the Two Fat Ladies was launched by the same production company that discovered Oliver as a young chef, branded him a “whore”
Bruce Sandison of the environment group Salmon Farm Monitor said: “In my view Jamie Oliver is completely ill-advised to use his position as a celebrity chef to promote a product which is basically fat and unhealthy. Where is this farm? If it’s a paradise of environmental probity then surely they should be prepared to tell us where it is.”

That is Bruce Sandison the writer of many good books…..
Trout and Salmon Rivers and Lochs of Scotland

I will be interested to know how this little story develops……after all Mr Oliver can now hardly turn around and say he did not know that the fish suffered so as if you look down a couple of posts to “Jamie Oliver…..farmed salmon debate continues” you will see the statement he gave on his board about going to see the farms etc! I wont you to keep that in mind as this goes on 🙂

Black beetle

For anyone that is interested I have had to do a full reformat of my computer. I managed to get a virus last week….in fact I didnt actually get a virus it was my other half that opened a dodgy attachment that caused a virus to get in. It was zapped anyways but I like things all nice and new anyway so wiped the whole damn lot. I am now using Firefox as my web browser and Thunderbird as my computer mail program. They are smoooooooooooth as anything.
I have been having a gander around for flies for next season and am going to get the materials for a Black Beetle
black beetle fly
I was thinking about the fact that there is never any major hatches of flies on the Kelvin and have decided to give the old terrestrials a go. Its funny because I used to have some bee flies but never used them. I think I got them …….heck I know I got them when I got my first fly rod years ago and never used them!!
Need to get some of that foam stuff!!

Jamie Oliver…..farmed salmon debate continues

Well, if it wasnt bad enought that Jamie Oliver is promoting farmed salmon his restaurants are trying to buy illegaly rod caught salmon.
Taken from The Mirror, terrible paper but good for my needs


Feb 2 2004

Our Palace footman Ryan Parry sells ‘dodgy’ salmon to TV chef Oliver’s restaurant.. no questions asked

TOP CHEF Jamie Oliver’s restaurant is today exposed for buying illegal wild salmon in dodgy “no-questions-asked” cash deals.

Staff at the TV chef’s trendy restaurant Fifteen were happy to buy the fish from a complete stranger out the back of a car.

And amazingly, they did not ask for proof of origin or any guarantee that the salmon had been refrigerated properly.

A spokesman for the restaurant later claimed they had bought the fish purely for training purposes and it wouldn’t have been eaten by customers. Yet every other top restaurant we approached rejected our salmon out of hand.

Fifteen became the most famous restaurant in Britain after a fly-on-the-wall documentary followed Jamie training 15 youngsters to become chefs.

But in a Daily Mirror investigation, in which I offered top restaurants cheap “rod-caught salmon”, Fifteen was the only restaurant to buy our fish without questioning its source.


I told each restaurant that I could get 15-20lbs fresh water salmon from Loch Lomond in Scotland for a mere £30-£40 a fish.

“It’s wild, rod-caught salmon, trucked down from Loch Lomond,” I told Tommy, a sous-chef at Fifteen.

In fact there is now a bit of a debate going on over at Jamie Olivers forums where Mr Oliver actually replied to the debate about him doing the Sainsburys advert!

Posted on: 03.12.04 6.11pm GMT

Whenever I’m asked to do food ads for Sainsburys, I get my food team to do research into it first before I commit to doing anything, but even though they gave me the green light I arrived at the fish farm to do the ad with a load of questions to ask, as in the past I’ve been appalled by irresponsible fish farming and the poor hygene, low quality produst and lack of environmental common sense associated with it.

I witnessed every stage of the production and was impressed with the innovations and improvements they’d introduced The sea loch they use to farm the fish has good natural currents which the fish swim against, 10% of their diets is natural from the loch itself, the stocking density of the fish is way lower than legally required, the loch is cleaned regularly, the nets are monitored and cleaned regularly and the health of the fish is monitored closely by a vet who I spent time walking round the farm with looking at the fish. None were lice infested, none were in distress, they are better looked after and checked more often than a lot of other farmed animals in the country.

In a perfect world of course all salmon we would eat would be wild, but that’s just not realistic. People like fish, and it’s very good for them, we should be encouraging them to eat responsibly carefully farmed fish not making it expensive and difficult to get hold of. I’d much rather the public ate this quality of salmon than none at all.

I know that there have been horror stories about fish farming in the past, but I think this new style of farming is really moving in the right direction, and I like the product – if I didn’t, I’d just tell Sainsburys that I wasn’t going to make the ad, simple as that.

One point ………how the heck do you clean out a loch??? if that is made up then the rest is probably made up as well.
Good grief! I made a post about the mirror allegation and guess what……..it was removed!! I actually posted it again ….and it was removed again!!!!!! Something they dont want Jamie Olivers fans to know methinks????

Yon big waste a space!!

I see that the the Scottish Pairlament has translated part of its website into good ole Scots language

An extract

Walcome til the Scottish Pairlament wabsite

The Scottish Pairlament is here for tae represent aw Scotland’s folk.

We want tae mak siccar that as mony folk as can is able tae find oot aboot whit the Scottish Pairlament dis and whit wey it warks. We hae producit information anent the Pairlament in a reenge o different leids tae help ye tae find oot mair.

This section o wir wabsite introduces ye til the information that is tae haun on wir wabsite in Scots.

Gettin involvit in the Scottish Pairlament

We hae producit a publication cried “Makkin Yer Voice Heard in the Scottish Pairlament” that tells ye aboot the different weys that you can let the Pairlament and the Memmers o the Scottish Pairlament (MSPs) ken whit ye think.

I hear the translator started off at 50p per paragraph and ended up getting paid 6.5 million for the page!

Derbyshire Limestone Streams

I am having a look through Amazon for ideas for somewhere to go special next year. This looks like a mighty fine DVD. Somewhere special eh? hmmmm!!

Experience Fly Fishing - Derbyshire Limestone Streams

5 Days!!

So the last few days I have been stressed out my box writing an essay. I will not be getting any respite as in the morning I start my new social work placement. To distract myself I have been not shaving. I have been feeling rather manly as my stubble has been growing longer than usual. Every now and then I rub it and leer at my partner and go “oOOOHHHHH arrr Im a REAL man now” ……and then walk with a swagger , usually on the way to get my dyson (which changed my life by the way..it gets the dust out of ALL the corners)
On the fishing front I have been doing absolutley heehaw. I have been enjoying corresponding with the usuall suspects and with some new people as well…..which is always nice. I may in a couple of days put up another stat post, you would be amazed at the things that people search for to get here….some interesting and some down right scary.
Couple of interesting links for you…..first is a Spey Fly I spotted on ebay tied by Walt Johnson which is pretty unique…it has a buy it now price of 150 US which just goes to show you when someone offers you a fly always take it…you never know who might turn out famous. I have recently met some mighty fine fly tyers and I reckon I will try and wangle a few flies out of them. On the other hand I have offered my flies to people and a few people have refused which I think is down right rude. If someone offers you a suggestion of a fly you take it…with a smile. Heck, my flies catch fish, especially on the Kelvin…….although that may be just out of sympathy for the duffer that I am!!
The second link is the “Women in Waders” calender. Is there a market for that crap?

Hum ho…..

Salmon Farms & Jamie Oliver selling his soul to the devil!!

Someone mentioned on a forum that I visit about the new advert for Sainsbury’s supermarket with Jamie Oliver. For those unaware who he is, Mr Oliver is a cheeky cockney celebrity chef. In the advert he is going on about how good the salmon taste and all that jazz. He is also pushing the whole Scottish scene. :/What he fails to mention is that the fish swim about in their own excrement and are treated like battery farm chickens (badly). There are around 50,000 in a single cage. It contributes greatly to the spread of infectious diseases and parasitic infestation. They often escape and spread their disease to wild fish. The cages themselves are like open sewers allowing chemicals and waste go into clean water…..ruining the environment.
This info is taken direct from the Salmon farm monitor website

Wild salmon get their red pigment from eating a natural diet. Farm salmon are fed an artificial diet containing synthetic chemical colorants, such as Canthaxanthin and Astaxanthin, manufactured by the Swiss Pharmaceutical firm Hoffman La Roche. Farmers use a colour-code chart, a “SalmoFan”, similar to the colour charts we use to select paint, to choose a flesh colour for their fish.
colout chart

But who is going to buy salmon like that unless you get a “respected” chef like Jamie Oliver to say its ok… to go on about the taste and 100% natural salmon.
A good, and by good I mean essential viewing is Paul Nicklen’s superb flash presentation on Atlantic salmon…it can be found Here
over at the national geographic website!!

Scotsman Joke

The Englishman’s wife steps up to the tee and, as she bends over to place her ball, a gust of wind blows her skirt up and reveals her lack of underwear.
“Good God, woman! Why aren’t you wearing any knickers?” her husband demanded.
“Well, you don’t give me enough housekeeping money to afford any.”
The Englishman immediately reaches into his pocket and says, “For the sake of decency, here’s £50. Go and buy yourself some underwear.”

Next, the Irishman’s wife bends over to set her ball on the tee. Her skirt also blows up to show that she is wearing no undies.
“Blessed Virgin Mary, woman! You’ve no knickers. Why not?”
She replies, “I can’t afford any on the money you give me.”
He reaches into his pocket and says, “For the sake of decency, here’s £20.
Go and buy yourself some underwear!”

Lastly, the Scotsman’s wife bends over. The wind also takes her skirt over her head to reveal that she, too, is naked under it.
“Sweet mudder of Jesus, Aggie! Where the frig are yer drawers?”
She too explains, “You dinna give me enough money ta be able ta affarrd any.”
The Scotsman reaches into his pocket and says, “Well, fer the love ‘o Jasus, ‘n the sake of decency, here’s a comb. Tidy yerself up a bit.”

May he rest in peace!!

I can see it now “Local Angler Dies in FREAK wader accident” and underneath “possibly a sex maniac”
I am stressed out writing an essay that is due in shortly. So before I start for the day I am procrastinating rather heavily. I wanted to try on my new waders again as I am still not convinced that they fit me. Anyway, we do not have a proper mirror in the flat; all we have is a door with a mirror on it from an old wardrobe. I took it through to my lounge and placed it on top of the radiator. It is very tall and heavy. I put on my waders and boots, my waistcoat and then my chest pack. I was procrastinating OK!!!
It was at around the time that I was thinking of getting my rod out and swishing it around the room when the mirror fell on top of my head. I fell to the ground and just lay there stunned for a few minutes. I could imagine the scene, Claire crying, the police trying to draw a chalk outline around my body with my foot long silver rod case sticking out. “So, you say that he just LIKED wearing waders around the house?”
The tabloids would have had a field day, and lets not forget the jokes at the funeral. “Oh at least he died doing something he loved ……kind of!!”

Thank God I wasnt eating an orange at the time thats all I can say !!!

New Fly Reel

So after getting my new little six foot 3 weight rod I just HAD to get myself a new reel…..I got this snazzy little number
Should look quite nice on the end of my 3 weight. All I need now is one of those dinky little leader links
which is just know I will get the wee taken out of me when i use them but I shall be DEFIANT to the end. I was thinking about the scientific anglers ones but with those you have to buy both leader and the widget from SA…..which I think is kinda shady! (also they would not send me any free ones to try out …im boycotting them 🙂 )

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