River Tummel!!

This River Tummel starts its life 60 miles to the west of Pitlochry on the windswept Rannoch Moor close to Glencoe. It begins as the River Ba and runs east passing through numerous lochs including Loch Ba, Loch Laidon, Loch Eigheach, Loch Rannoch, Dunalastair Water, Loch Tummel and finally Loch Faskally, until it reaches the main stem of the River Tay at Ballinluig.

Two friends and I decided to head down on Saturday, have an evening session and then fish possibly another river on Sunday, although we ended up back on the Tummel. I had a great time, it just goes to show that you dont actually have to catch fish to have a good time fishing. It was roasting hot with blinding sunshine!!
Here is a rather nice Thistle for my American friends that I have been ordered to put on the blog

The Tummel is a big river, on Saturday evening when we first started fishing Emanuele and I scared all the fish away to the other side of the river…

Well, its not strictly true about catching no fish. I caught a nice fish, even if everyone else said it was an utter fluke, Alberto announced “he wasnt even looking at the fly”!!!
me na na fish
Alberto did the right thing, having a snooze and sticking to the shadows…

On the Sunday I lost everyone and walked a power but found this rather nice mushroom…..
On the Saturday evening I caught another few smaller trout as well…….

I will be creating an album in the misc fishing trip where i shall be putting up the rest of the photos if anyone is interested

After seeing no fish at all on the Sunday we decided to stop off at the Kelvin to have a look at the river. Trout rising everywhere. Was going to go down at Dusk but decided to spend some time with my betrothed instdead!!


  1. alan atkins · July 11, 2005

    I’ve always fancied a cast in the tummel.I was on the clyde on wed and had two nice fish at about 0.75lbs and lost another.Although conditions were good the rises were few and far between and short lived.I also had my weekly visit tothe teith for the silver tourists.I blanked apart from two large browns that took my mini tube with much agression! Both fish were over 2lbs and put up a good scap but nothing compared to their sea going cousins of the same weight.My fishing buddy caught a lovely fresh sea- trout of 3lbs that took 20 yards of line on the first run,they are indeed the ultimate in fly fishing in this country and i prefer them to salmon any day.Have you ever tried the River Lyon? Not far fromn the tummel and possibly the best trout river in all the land.In one session in May in horrendoud conditions i had 8 fish,the best over 2ilbs,and the smallest around 0.75lbs, all took a black pennell!!

  2. Chris · July 11, 2005

    Where did you get your underwater digital camera from?

  3. Alistair · July 11, 2005

    Took me ages to track it down. Its a Sony DSC-U60, they are discontinued now an dgo for silly money on ebay!

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