I don’t like writing about myself in the third person so I will tell you all about me as if we were having a chat.

My name is Alistair and I have fished or wanted to fish for as long as I can remember. One of my earliest memories is walking around my garden with a flower attached to a piece of string attached to a cane pole trying to attract bees.

I started Urban Fly Fisher back in 2003 under the name of “Urban Fly Fishing on the Kelvin” and it was a diary of my fishing trips on my home river the Kelvin which runs through the heart of Glasgow. Back then there were no other fishing blogs and it was a bit lonely however now I am amazed at the vast number of interesting fishing blogs out there.

Later I changed the name to “The Urban Fly Fisher” as I started fishing other wee urban streams around Glasgow. The site is visited by people all over the world; there are many expats that contact me regularly stating they are surprised at the trout I catch in the centre of Glasgow. I have also been interviewed in the mainstream media several times, been featured in the Herald and been on the local radio chatting about urban fishing. Recently I fished with Theo Pike for his book Trout in Dirty Places

A few years ago we staged a bit of a coup and took over the association that managed the Kelvin as quite frankly the old farts that ran it were doing bugger all apart from draining the club funds down the bookies.

I am now the Vice Chairman of the association which has around 800 members – a job that sounds grand however has no real power or status unless someone else does not turn up.

You can also hook up (spot the pun) with me on twitter.