This site was the first (not the best) fly fishing blog on the internet. It is about fishing in urban and sometimes the non urban places in the Clyde Valley. Along the way I have had a lot of fun, like being featured in the Glasgow Herald and being featured on the infamous Trout n About episode about the River Kelvin. I even won an award as I was second place in the Metro newspaper blog awards.

Urbanflyfisher.com used to be a lot bigger than it is now – I used to have a very well visited forum however decided to shut it down as quite frankly this has always been a personal thing and was never that happy with it. It caused much more trouble than it was worth as quite frankly Glasgow is stuffed with assholes with a chip on their shoulder that all seem to fish where I do. 

I used to walk to the Kelvin for my fishing whenever I wanted, now I drive and live a little further away and have kids – they both even each other out.

I do not post every fishing trip on this blog as sometimes you need to keep things private – like if you say you are going to be late home because you have a late meeting however you go fishing instead.

A few years ago we staged a bit of a coup and took over the association that managed the Kelvin as quite frankly the old farts that ran it were doing bugger all apart from draining the club funds down the bookies. Being Vice Chair of one of the biggest fishing associations in the UK sounds important however it means nothing unless someone else does not turn up. What goes around comes around though and now we have become the old farts however without the shady bits, folk keep trying to stage a coup to get rid of us  however they are unable to organise an arse kicking contest so here we stay. If someone remotely competent came along we would chuck the books at them and run.

You can also hook up (spot the pun) with me on Twitter or Facebook, I suggest you do both as different content is posted to them all.

You can contact me here if you would rather not use the comments. If the question is related to River Kelvin business please contact them on their website so that the Secretary can deal with it.

If you want to advertise on The Urban Fly Fisher then please be prepared to offer beer as well as goods and cash.