Yeargh, frustrating evening

So I went for a wander along to the Kelvin last night as the rain came to nothing. It was a bit windy but the river was at a good height and there were flies on the water. I knew things was going to be slow as soon as I didn’t catch anything in my wee ruffled bit of water that almost guarantees a fish.
I went downstream to where I caught that nice big fish the other night and there was plenty of fish rising, just none to my fly. Eventually I had to step down to a size 24 Klink to get fish interested, damned annoying…….but still fun 🙂
Annoyingly people kept telephoning me and if i don’t answer my phone beeps at me every few minutes



  1. Kelvin Klink · July 4, 2005

    My name is really Kelvin Klink.
    What the heck is a “size 24 Klink”?

  2. Alistair · July 4, 2005

    LOL fantastic!!

    A Klink is a type of fly used by fisherman called a Knlinkhamer Special. It was designed by a man called Hans van Klinken hence the name.


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