Evening session, could have been worse!

Hiya, so I got a text at around 6pm asking me if I wanted to go for an evening session on another river. It was roasting hot, not a cloud in the sky, no wind and I thought why the hell not. I was supposed to go to the Kelvin commitee meeting but could i resist an evening session to go and sit in a dank room……..nah!

no clouds
There was absolutely no clouds in the sky, well…..there was some hot air baloons drifting by overhead…….
Not too many fish were rising untill there was a large blue winged olive hatch…….This was a nice trout I caught before all the action started..

Later when the hatch started I caught another one, hooked a really nice fish for around 10 seconds and missed around 10!!

Glad I went!!

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  1. Emanuele · July 12, 2005

    you pirate!
    I think I know what this other river is……where they rising at the “pool”?
    I am surprised you did not use your cane rod

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