First fish on bamboo!!

So I have a bamboo rod that I have been keeping quiet about. At some point over the next couple of weeks I will go into the details but at the moment all I am saying is that I have a 7 foot 4 weight bamboo rod from a company in the states called Tea Stick Rod Company
It really is rather nice…..but I digress; I will tell you all about that in a week or so….the other evening I went to try it out!

I had not ventured out the house in a couple of days as it has been so hot here and I
have very bad sunburn on my arms and neck. Took me a while to actually start to get the hang of casting with a bamboo rod. One moment I would have it and then the next it would go….I caught a few wee trout and I was impressed with the fight they put up.
I was fishing this little riffle..
Last season when the water was low I found that fish congregated here because of the running water and easy access to food. I caught this lovely little brownie..
smaller one

The real test was yet to come. As it was getting dark there was a massive hatch and trout started taking flies off the surface “you dancer” I thought and started to cast to them……I still was not used to the rod and kept missing the fish……suddenly a fish took my fly and the fun began. At first I thought it was because the bamboo was just so responsive and that was why the fish was taking out line, the rod and a fairly large bend in it and I was getting a little panicky…………at one point the fish nearly took the rod out my hand…… usual I had left my net at home and had to beach my nicest brown of the season….the photo really does not do the fish justice……it was very dark by this point and could not fit the whole fish in the picture!
nae justice
There has beens some rain last night so I am hoping that this evening will be just as good 🙂


  1. Chris · June 30, 2005

    What a beauty

    What is your biggest so far on the Kelvin?

  2. Alistair · June 30, 2005

    Last season I caught a nice trout at around the 2lb mark 🙂

  3. alan atkins · June 30, 2005

    thats a nice fish Alistair.It is definately coming to the time when the gloaming and into the dark are the betc times,although i know of some pools that fish better at dawn thatn at nite for some reason.A lovely fish though,and on the bamboo.My grandfather brought back a set of three cane rods from Japan after the war,unfortunately they fell into my young hands at the time and sadly to say did not last very long.Although,at the tender age of 7 i did learn to cast (of sorts) with them,and they say that for dry fly work thewy take some beating.I had a lovely trout of about 1,25lbs from opposite the band stand in the park last Tuesday.The water was low and the nite quite muggy and there was that smell (a bit like paint) when the water is low that i never like.But i did manage to get this fish out on a size 22 baetus nymph.Again,at this time of year small is beautifull.Oh,and very odly i caught a huge grayling on the Avon last wee.The fish must have weighed 3lbs,but did not fight at all as i think it had just spawned

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