Ah yes, its all coming back now!!

So after spending around 5 hours working on an essay I decided to head down to the Kelvin for a few hours stress relief. First things first I ran into some people from the East End Angling Club who were down for a few casts. Unfortunetly I was not fast enough with my camera to get a picture of one of them slowly toppling over backwards into the water…….awwww bless!
Fished my usuall little riffle bit…
riffle bit
and caught some nice trout…
Later there was a nice hatch going down but again was having little luck in getting them to go to my fly. Eventually after raking around I found some tootsy F flies that I tied up last year.
f fly
Thats not one of mine that is one I stole off another site………..shhhhh!!
They caught me 2 fish. Unfortunetly after each fish they were then buggered…..I spent some time tonight tying more up for a little evening session tommorow night!

Incidentally I am having a bit of a punky type revival at the moment listening to some mighty fine Stranglers tunes………fantastic!!!