In the bad books!

So I had some visitors around tonight, my step sister and her husband. They were the reason that I had to hump a kilt a couple of thousand miles around the world so that they could have a “traditional” Scottish wedding in Sri Lanka!
Anyhow, we were sitting and chatting about myself and my good ladies impending day and discussing the cost involved. There is the cost of the venue, the meal, the buffet, the dress, my good ladies and the women’s nails etc and it is all fairly mounting up. We got around to the subject of the cake and the cost of that. We are looking at around 400 pounds; yea that’s right 400 pounds for a fucking cake!!! Anyway, I suggested that we go down to the local ASDA and pick up some sponge cake for like a fiver and cover the damn thing with icing but seemingly im “being stingy”
Anyway, my step sister turned to me and said “it’s going to be the best day of your life and that is why you are spending so much money”

I thought for a moment, looked at her and then my good lady and said “I don’t know, it’s got some pretty good days fishing to beat”

She’s away to be early and im tying up flies in the kitchen!


  1. Emanuele · July 7, 2005

    well said my friend, well said!
    and Gierach would agree with you

  2. Murdock · July 7, 2005

    $400 would go a long way in fishing equipment!

    Brave of you to say so though!

  3. Alistair · July 7, 2005

    AND its pounds, so that would be around $650 EAK

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