Production Fly Tying

This looks like a good book. I was looking at some of the Gariach books and came across one by his fishing buddy AK Best.

Subtitled A collection of ideas, notions, hints, and variations on the techniques of fly tying

You can buy it by clicking this link from Amazon….. Production Fly Tying

The Canal again!!

It started off as a Pike fishing trip to the Kelvin. We were supposed to be going to the river to scout out places to spin for Pike, then at a later date to deadbait for Pike. Then when we had actually worked out where the Pike hung out ……fly fish for them. As it is like the couple of proper duffers we are we couldnt find a parking space so ended up at the canal at Kirkintiloch…or there abouts.
And a lovely day it was as well, crisp,cold and sunny . Pretty rubbish for Pike if the truth be told……I am not a big Pike expert, it seems to be a very much a chuck it and chance it affair……anyways it was a bloody waste of time….I could have walked 10 mins out my door and got better action at the stretch of the canal near me.
I also have the infamous…”firhill basin” close by…
firhill basin
….where many a person says…”aye…big pike caught…up at the basin….big as yer leg mate”. Possibly I will head up for a shot early morning!!

On the way back home I remmembered something from my youth. There is a hiden lochan behind some flats close to where I grew up. I thought I would drop in for a gander to see if there was any fish in it……ignoring all the “private residents only” signs we parked the car in the wrong place and tramped in the rough direction of where it was. ….Couldnt find it anywhere and then then we nearly fell in the damn thing..
Its quite big, deep, with no way you could make a cast…there is weeds all round it…..well not weeds….rushes….those things…tall spikey things…I cannae mind what they are called. Anyway…hopeless!!

On the way back to the car there was an elderly lady getting out her car. We slinked towards the car and she started calling to us….”there is NO through road here” She must have mistook us for a couple of miscreants. We went over and I explained in my best voice that we had just wanted to look at the loch, she started to go on about the car park being for residents only (its awfull posh) we apologised profusely and with another stern warning we slinked off.
Any bets she was chairman of the local Neighbourhood watch scheme……probably away to log our visit……awwww bless her!!!

The Fly Tying Night

So I have been going to a fly tying evening…..I wrote about it a few weeks back.It is certainly something to concentrate on for this winter …something to take my mind off uni work anyway. Anyway, Its not on this week for the people that were thinking of going. If you read the blog that is. Well most of you dont live in Glasgow anyway… you probably dont care. In which case just ignore this post. OR dont. I suppose you could take it in context as a continuation of my other fly tying posts…probably!

Im sorry to keep going on about this!!

Its winter approaching thats what it is. It must be something to do with the fact that I got hardly any fishing done the last few months of the season. Anyway, Im stressed out……sitting here writing essays…….thinking about views like this
….thinking about warm summer days, flies hatching, trout rising……having a sit under some trees……hell just mucking about in the river.
On another thought I got a comment the other day about my top tip where it turns out in the western U.S they used old cars to prevent bank errosion.
Sometimes on the banks of the Kelvin the cars dont get close to actually do any good

old car
And that car is down like a long narrow path which is heavilly wooded on iether side. They must have just steered it off the side!!!!


Fishing on the Telly

I was sitting eating my breakfast in the morining drinking my tea watching the usuall morning fishing shows on home n leasure. I quite like fishing shows that are a bit “different” even a bit odd or quirky and Jungle Hooks fits that bill.

Join Jeremy Wade in the Amazon jungle, as he tries to hook the world’s largest freshwater fish – the legendary arapaima.
jeremy wade
Jeremy Wade>>>>> a REAL man!!!

Will he be successful? Forget fishing as a sedate sport when Jeremy is around. Renowned as an expert in catching, and hunting, some of the world’s largest and rarest sea creatures, Jeremy took to the Amazon in a some what epic journey to find a legendary freshwater species, but on the way encountered just as much excitement and drama away from the riverbank.

Class……in todays programme he went in a small plane to try and find a lake that holds the legendary arapaima. They were flying for a while and it was the usuall shot of someone shooting the scenery as they fly along……the voice over says…….”…and then disaster struck” the plane starts making a funny noise and everyone looks panicky… start thinking that any minute they will land and the trip will be called off……but no the plane crashed in the jungle instead……so you see all these guys hugging each other glad to be alive…….you think to yourself “now this is a fishing show”

For a preview of the show click here……you gotta have realplayer installed though!!

The blues…..and its only November!!

So Im trawling through University work just now. I have two major essays to do that have to be in within a few weeks and they are hard ones. Was sitting in class today when I began to think about the amount of time that I have got before I can actually cast a dry fly again…..Looking back my diary it looks as if I can start thinking about dry flies around the end of march.
I had a little chinwag with someone from the Kelvin Angling Association and they tell me that they are proposing to make the vet school stretch right down to the bridge at Dawsholm park fly only. Now, if they did this…..and made it catch and release they would be on to something. Within a few seasons that stretch would be teaming with fish and people would actually want to take up the fly to fish their. Bonus!!!
I would also head down there with my trusting garden shears and cut some of the weed that grows so that some more of the water woudl be fishable with the fly…..Would move boulders etc to make nice new runs etc.

The place would be HOT

We shall see!!

Essential Skills With Oliver Edwards

Here is another one of those Ollie Edwards DVDs. In this one he uses PTN on a chalk stream. I know a guy that used pheasant tail nymphs on the kelvin with great success. He is showing the technique on the Avon as well. I would love to fish their. Actually I think I will look into it!!!!!

Essential Skills With Oliver Edwards - Search And Sight Fishing / Deep Diving And Chalk Stream Entomology

Top Tips 1#

Here we have a typical example of a situation you may find yourself in. …
car in river
Some enterprising soul has managed to get a car into the river…..the council will have let it rust out for a good few months ,why bother moving it after all its only a trout stream …much more sense to spend my council tax on….say expensive wallpaper for the office and the like….but do not dispair…..a few fish will have taken up station behind the car and those are the ones you should concentrate on. Do not let the opportunity go to waste!!
Use any standard searching patern if they are not rising ….pity there is no such thing as the beer bottle fly….there is an endless hatch of them during the summer!!
Ta ta!!

Goodies from the postman!!

So I phoned Guide the other day to find out what was happening with my waders. They told me that they have sent them on to the actual makers to find out what went wrong and were going to send me a new pair. When i asked a timescale they informed me as I had been put to so much inconvenience they were going to give me a spanking pair of “vision endurance” waders. A model up from my extremes. HAH….The Kelvin was far to “extreme” for vision ….obviously they understood that I would need something to “endure” the POWER of the Kelvin!!
All in all a fantastic result……I’m not really one to complain about companies… fact I am I moan about them all the time when they annoy me. I loathe the shoddy service that people get from big businesses. Its not as if I am a bad customer… I am a model customer….I was careful as ANYTHING with my waders but they still buggered up.
So I was all ready to go crazy and say Guide were shengus …but instead I am grudgingly saying they are great….instead of losing a customer they are keeping a customer. In fact probably have got me as a future customer.
new waders
Once I had tried them on I thought they were a little big actually, but I got my personal fashion advisor to check me out and she said they were fine. They are different material as well…..for a start they are greener but they also feel a bit thinner than the extremes…..strange isnt it. And the main thing is that they have the stockingfoot seals taped to avoid leakage…. fantastic.
I also got my new 6 foot 3 weight (4 piece) rod today……..will update with pictures possibly tommorow!!

The Canal

So seeing as how I did not get a chance to go for Grayling today I managed to get down to the canal for a few hours in pursuit of Pike….


I was actually suprised by the number of anglers out at the canal today. We met about …………..5 or 6 guys.One of them was fishing deadbait and caught a little jack whilst we were there. I caught a little jack at around a pound and the guy I was with caught a couple.
You know, fishing deadbait is something that has not really interested me but today when I was thinking about it……..well it might be worth a try to catch one of those really big Pike I hear so much about.
I have actually been thinking about trying to catch the Pike on the fly……in fact there are some slow deep weedy parts of the Kelvin…..
slow weedy
…that I think would be good fishing for pike with the fly……
slow weedy 2

Its actually part of the kelvin that I have not paid much attention. It takes an age to get to….you have to walk for miles so you dont see many folk. I think I will do well fishing the dry fly their next year. Why? because I have seen a good few trout rising their in the past…it will be tricky but its worth a shot 🙂

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