So I had a wee few hours down on the Kelvin today, uttrely blanked!
Ran into one of the regulars..

who fishes bait and he was blanking as well. Like most guys who have moved from course fishing to trout he easily transfers those skills. He trots the bait down making sure that he is actively looking for any indication of a take. As soon as he sees one he tightens and the fish is on. He has got to be careful as when fishing bait there is always a danger that the fish will be undersized so if the bait is left a long time then it can swallow it resulting in the death of the fish. He practices catch and release. Like me he doesnt understand why people fish with static bait iether!

Tried out my new underwater camera…..
So if you thought all my photos have been pretty crap in the past they are about to get a whole lot freakier!
freaky photo

Off up North tommorow for a bit of fishing. Will have possibly lots more wonky pictures to show off.

Ta ta!