The World of Fly Fishing

Been flicking through this lovely book over the winter, full of lovely photos and interesting articles.

The World of Fly-fishing sweeps us along on a worldwide journey to experience the beauty and thrill of fishing for trout, salmon, tarpon, permit and bonefish. The fly-fishing destinations have been chosen for the interest and variety of their fishing and for the impact and beauty of their landscapes. Revered figures from fly-fishing’s literary hall of fame, such as Zane Grey and Roderick Haig-Brown, keep company with some of the best-known contemporary writers, including Tom McGuane, David Profumo and John Gierach. With more than 300 stunning photographs from the highly respected lens of renowned photographer R. Valentine Atkinson, The World of Fly-fishing is an irresistible visual and literary feast.

Neeeeaaaaaaaaa (that was my plane leaving New York)

Well, I am back from my trip to New York and most enjoyable it was too if absolutely freezing. It was so cold I think I might have got frost bite on my legs (Claire says this is impossible but I am convinced I am damaged in some way)I picked up a new rod and reel (more on that when the season starts) and gained around a stone in weight.

I think I will point you towards a little site I stumbled across in my travels through the forums. It is a post by a chap who is webmaster of He detailed the fly hatches of the area in which I live and I think is a lovely guide for those people just starting out or for those brushing up (or people who just call em bugs )

Read his post over at

Edit: The link will not work as that part of the forum is invite only. You will have to wait until I convince pale watery to put th econtent on his site. 


It is 22 days to the opening of the trout season.

More Friends and Fish

Warming up at the pub In a boat with a MAD MAN Mike Playing Fish Grayling crabbit italian The Don ali_fish2 ali_fish3

I am in New York enjoying myself :-)

Vosseler on EBay – time to look

A few weeks back I told you about the Vosseler reel scandal

Well this is a good time to start looking out for those reels.

Click here to automatically search for them

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Tying Flees

So when do you have enough flies ?

I have been trying to tie up a plenty of olives for the start of the season. Usually at this time you find the trout are not that picky and are willing to take fairly big olives. This is quite good if you are a clumsy fly tier and can only tie up large flies.

I like to use yellow thread as most of the olives around this way seem to have a yellow sheen to them.My fly box is filling up fast. I have a good selection of CDC and Elks, Klinhammers, lots of dry olives and a few nymphs.
olive comparaun

I will keep this box for newly tied flies and then transfer them over to a more portable box for streamside use. I am thinking of taking advantage of the exchange rate in New York and pick myself up a bargain.

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Fish Eye Guy

Some pretty amazing underwater photees are available over at the Fish Eye Guy.

Sadly my underwater photees never turn out quite as good.


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Trout fishing and Addiction

You know, fishing for trout with a fly rod is like an addiction- a serious addiction. It was Robert Traver my most favourite author who said:

“The true trout fisherman is like a drug addict; he dwells in a tight little dream world all his own, and the men about him, whom he observes obliviously spending their days pursing money and power, genuinely puzzle him, as he doubtless does them.”

I don’t want to belittle people out there that do have a drug addiction but I often think that my friends and I might just be addicted to fly fishing for trout. A lot of people I work with in the course of my job have serious drug/alcohol addictions; at the start of my involvement with them I must undertake an assessment of their needs. A lot of the time we discuss what causes there addiction and how it makes them feel. One thing they always talk about is the fact that their drug of choice is always at the back of their mind, they constantly wonder about the next time they will get it. If they have not had it for a while they cannot think about anything else and if they have just had it they talk about the calm that can come over them before the need for the next fix begins to itch.


My Self Assessment

It was after a conversation with a couple of pals the other day that I suddenly realised we are addicted to trout fishing. Big trout, small trout it does not matter as long as it has been caught on a fly rod with a fly then all the better. Over here in the UK we still have another 30 odd days before the season opens, this is after around 4 months of no trout fishing at all. It focuses the mind somewhat on the symptoms which I shall list here for your convenience:

  • At least once an hour you imagine a trout sipping down a dry fly.
  • You try and have an in-depth conversation regarding entomology with your wife.
  • Weather forecasts take on a whole new meaning.
  • You book your wifes surprise 30th birthday holiday in New York before you leave you order a Sage rod from The Urban Angler and tell your wife you have to go and pick it up the day you arrive.


So maybe what I am saying here is that people with such a serious trout addiction such as ours just don’t think straight – we get our priorities in life mixed up. But then I always say any addiction that forces you to get out in the fresh air, think about the environment, maybe catch a trout and possibly even keep you out of serious trouble cant be all bad.

All true my friends, all true – we go to New York on Friday.



Friends and Fish

City Centre Fishing Alistair- Hero ShotIn the Net Is that a fish?DSC01368Italian Action Alex- Hero ShotItalian people make it look sexyMike- Hero ShotAlberto

U-Boat Worx C-Quester

So you get to your local loch, you are thinking to yourself “I wish I could get in that water to see what kind of real features there are that I can fish to” (knowing that features are notorious trout holding areas) but of course the water is too choppy or you have left your manly Speedos at home so you are left using guesswork and heaven forbid a bit of watercraft.

Ha- suddenly you remember you have your trusty U-Boat Worx C-Quester handy!! (I am not an affiliate)

The C-Quester is based on the idea of and ‘underwater boat’. This means the craft is easily launched and operated in all waters, regardless of depth, and a support vessel is not required.

U boat

Yes, you are looking at a U Boat – fantastic. I was toying with the idea of getting one of those float tubes but this baby takes it to an all new level. All it needs is some torpedoes and I could take out some Jet Skis on Loch Lomond.

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