Tippet Recommendation

I am a sucker when it comes to a recommendation and last night I was given some advice that I might just take up. I was at the Milngavie Fly Tying night and Neil Sinclair (of Double Decker fame) was giving a little presentation on the types of flies he uses for competitions and in general river fishing. Anyway, the advice I am going to take was on tippet material. You might remember that I wrote about the problems I was having a while ago.

For those that do not know what a tippet is, it is the section you add on to you tapered leader which extends the life of your leader and also aids “turnover” which is a fancy way of saying your fly doesn’t land in a heap. It also means that when you change flies (or like me cast into trees) you are not shortening your leader.

The advice was to use a brand called “Stroft” which Mike uses as well. I must say when I was handling a sample it seemed to a have a very low diameter – Should be good for those spooky trout. Mike in my original post about my dodgy tippet stated:

Personally, I think you want you tippet material to be pretty limp. You get the turnover from the main leader length, but it’s much better to have a nice soft tippet (at least for dries) to reduce drag. This is especially true down our regular other river.

Our other regular river is one where the trout are very spooky and is part of the reason this season is being dedicated to stealth and minimal tackle. It has to me minimal if you are crawling along on your knees in 2 feet of water.


If we get the stealth thing right the last thing we want is messing up the drift of the fly with dodgy tippet material.

Well, Neil Sinclair essentially stated the above when discussing his own tippet material so that is good enough recommendation for me.

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Respecting Trout

Steve posts a nice article on respecting trout.

My friends and I are very lucky in that we have a mass of cheap affordable wild trout fishing on our doorstep. Saying that, we are not averse to occasionally visiting a stocked fishery for a spot of rainbow trout fishing. We are guilty of taking great delight in sometimes referring to fish as “slabs of lard” or the fact we are going “stockie bashing”. This is not poking fun at the type of fish but more at the attitudes that are perpetuated by the angling press and by some anglers who insist on “bagging up” at all costs.
When it comes to fishing I think that whatever you do you have got to enjoy it.

You should head over and make your own comment !

Fishing rods made out of carrots

I might have known – as soon as I purchase a new carbon rod (more on that in a few weeks) they bring out a new material for rods – Carrots

carrot rod

Two Fife scientists have developed a new material made from carrots to replace glass fibre found in everything from fishing rods to car parts.

The inventors, Dr David Hepworth and Dr Eric Whale, plan to start selling fishing rods made from the material, called Curran, next month.

They then hope to move on to carrot fibre snow boards.

The material is billed as a revolutionising performance product with unique strength and weight.

I can just see us all in 20 years – “oh yes, I was there at the start of the carrot revolution”

Source: BBC Rods will be a carrot to the fish

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The Walton Angling Club

I am particularly looking forward to giving The White Cart a bash this year, another tributary of the River Clyde.

Wikipedia says:

The White Cart Water originates near Eaglesham in East Renfrewshire, where it flows north to Busby before entering the southern suburbs of Glasgow at Cathcart. Here, the river turns west, flowing through Pollokshaws and cutting through Pollok Country Park before leaving Glasgow at Crookston, where it is joined by the Levern Water. From Crookston, the river crosses into Renfrewshire and flows through the farmlands of Hawkhead, parallel with the Paisley Canal Railway line; on entering the town of Paisley, the river crosses under a number of roads, through bridges and covered aqueducts, to emerge in the town centre at Paisley Abbey. It then passes under Gauze Street, Paisley Shopping Centre and Paisley Gilmour Street railway station; emerging from a wide, high arched red sandstone bridge at Sneddon Street. From there it flows, mostly hidden from view, towards Glasgow International Airport and Renfrew.

The part of the river that I shall be fishing is owned by the Walton Angling Club which was established over 100 years ago by some wealthy businessmen from the city of Glasgow. The club manages approximately five miles of the White Cart Water as well as the fishing rights of the Earn Water, which is a small tributary.

The club has a lovely website with an active forum and I am looking forward to exploring its little nooks and crannies.

But what to call you ?

So I have been getting a little envious of all the patter going down on some of the blogs and websites that I read. Tom Chandler over at Trout Underground has good patter and affectionately calls his readers “Undergrounders”. I like that; its a good ways of making people feel welcome and part of a community. Over at the Sexyloops website they went for “Sexyloopers” or just plain old “Loopers”. It got me thinking about how I could embrace my own readers with a catchy moniker that I could pull out the hat rather than some bloke that fishes the Kelvin mailed me. Of course it should also embrace anyone that does not actually fish the Kelvin (most of my visitors are from the States oddly enough) so anyone that reads this blog and has their own little personal stream that they call their home water can become part of my little alliance.

So I thought about it and I think I may have come up with something that just might fit. Of course, it had to do with the Kelvin and consequently embrace the true surrealism of fishing somewhere that has fridge freezers littering the river bank. That I suppose, plus the fact the vast majority of fishers on The Kelvin are absolutely hard as nails and must be given a suitable title to go along with it has got me thinking about fridge freezers, now that rang a bell in my subconscious and I had a little glimmering of an idea! I could maybe use it? But could I pull it off?
Quite frankly if I cant pull it off I can conveniently forget about it and never mention it again the way I do with anything that doesnt pan out the way I planned.
So from now on I am going to call you all¦

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All this talk of carrying minimal amount of gear has made me think of the things I carry regularly. One thing that I carry regularly is my monocular.A monocular is similar to a pair of binoculars except it is just like a mini telescope. I dont use it to see vast distances but for just a quick closer look at such things as birds (feathered), foxes, and rabbits. It is also useful if, like me, you are a nosey bastard.
The monocular is good as it means you can spot other anglers who you might not want to run into. It means you can miss out pools that they have fished or just simply due to etiquette you dont want to intrude on their personal space.
There have been times I have been looking up river and wondered to myself “is that another angler?“ One quick look through the old monocular and I find it is a black bin bag hanging on a tree. Curiosity solved!
There is also a safety aspect involved, on one of the rivers that I fish regularly the wading is very tricky. It is full of holes with boulders and rocks at knee level. I am naturally cautious but sometimes it is easy to get carried away. If I cannot see someone there is always the possibility that they have been swept away to their watery death. My trusty monocular can then be used to sweep the banks looking for their now ownerless rod which can be stashed safely in the back of the car. It may be a cheaper option than actually buying a Sage. Now that might be an idea actually- coupled with the walky talky a well timed “BOO” may be all it takes to get my hands on a nice rod.

Anyone fancy a Grayling session anyone?


Time to think about “Matching the Hatch”

For those of us that are starting to think about a little entomology now is the time to start reading up. The most easilly digestible of all the books out there is this one…
Matching the Hatch: Stillwater, River and Stream

For those that dont have it it is

A guide to help the angler choose the right artificial fly, including macro-photography of insect life combined with selections of the most lookalike lure. The book suggests that the angler observes the insect that seems to attract the most, and choose a fly from the photographs supplied

The photos really are very good, and it should sort out those “what fly to try today” situations !

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Fly Fishing Forums – a round up

Other than the blogs that I visit regularly there are a few forums that I visit to glean new information and to generally have my questions answered. It is quite interesting really as they all have entirely different takes on fly fishing with their own particular attitudes and user base. I thought it might be nice to give a wee run down of them and share my thoughts on them.

Fly Fishing Forums
This is mostly a UK based board with lots of colourful characters. It is kind of affiliated with Fish & Fly although I think the owner likes to keep it at arms length due to some of the more colourful content. It is pretty “Wild West” in that there are no moderators other than someone who deletes the spam and stops libellous material from developing. Many arguments and flame wars start as lots of people profess to be experts of the angle and can really get quite heated, it often becomes so bad that people leave and delete all their posts (after announcing their intentions) and then come back a week later as they miss the banter. It is a great forum where you will have a question answered by 10 different people all with varying opinions – one person will tell you your post should be in classifieds.

Even though the forum has a few characters that loathe each other and will deliberately put each other down at every available opportunity they all stand united against their arch enemy…..

The Complete Fisher Forum
Some people from the Fly Fishing Forums got together and branched off forming their own forum- one that was moderated by a few dedicated individuals. The main aim it seems is to talk about fishing in all its guises, not just with the fly and certainly not just trout. Its hidden agenda however is to continue the secret feud with the Fly Fishing Forums, on one memorable occasion an early version of The Complete Fisher Forum was shut down as the members were reported for passing around copies of fishing DVDs. The reporting culprit was suspected to be from The Fly Fishing Forums. The feud continued for a bit with members from each forum showing up on each other posting things to noise people up. Other than this the forum is full of interesting info on catching coarse fish on the fly.  In fact I would would probably say the best place.

The feud is now all in good sport with individuals swinging their handbags left right and centre before getting told to wash their hands for dinner by their wives.

The Wild Fishing Forum
This mostly Scottish forum sits on the sidelines quietly giggling about the other two forums. It is part of the Wild Fishing in Scotland site with lots of in depth info regarding loch fishing. Its members don’t profess to be experts at catching trout but merely learners no matter whether they have been catching trout for 1 year or 50,  in fact the smaller the trout the better and if you caught it on a fly that your grandfather gave you when you were a boy then all the better. Extra points will be added if you walked 20 miles to get to a remote loch and set up your £9.99 Argos Tent in a howling gale whilst making a brew in your Kelly Kettle.
A lovely forum where you will always get a cup of tea….you will have to wear midge repellent.

The Sexyloops Forum
If there is an opposite of the Wild Fishing Forum it is the Sexyloops forum. In fact a classic link on the Wild Fishing Site stated next to the link for Sexyloops if you ever think you might be taking yourself too seriously then head over to Sexyloops or words to that effect anyway. The Sexyloops site is stuffed with a mass of info about casting and general fishing and this is discussed at great length on the forum. When I say great length I mean essays on casting technique, there are many videos that people have posted for others to critique. There are debates raging for pages on the merits of various technical points of rods. As for rods the faster the better although the Sage XP is the one to go for and the one that you will buy if you hang around too long. If you don’t have a girlfriend or wife then after reading the Sexyloops site you will pack it all in and move to New Zealand to stalk massive brown trout. If you do have a girlfriend or a wife just don’t go  it will only put you in a bad mood.
Posting there sometimes scares me,  sometimes I expect a graph to illustrate a point in answering a question that I just dont understand. Be sure that a question will be answered fully though !
It almost makes me feel guilty posting this little forum, it is not widely visited but it seems to be the same old faces popping up. Fishing tiny streams for micro trout with a bamboo rod is the way to go. Don’t go asking for advice on prime spots- noone gives away any secrets and it is strictly taboo to ask anyone where a picture was taken. It is a lovely personal forum and even though I have only made a few posts I read the threads with wonder at the size of trout they winkle out of small streams in the States.

So that is my wee round up of the forums that I visit regularly, there are hundreds of forums out there but I think these ones are if not the best then certainly the most interesting and entertaining. It is funny as I see the same old names cropping up which just goes to show you what a small angling internet world we live in.



After Grayling comes warmth

So last weekend I went for a spot of Grayling fishing. I will call it fishing but what I should really call it was a nice drive and then an opportunity to get a freezing cold left leg. Yup, the old waders are playing up once more and a leak has developed which gave me a good reason to pack up early and bolt back up the road.
another river

Still, it was a nice day out :)

I know go to patch my waders !

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Poachers and Poaching

Been reading a lot about poachers and poaching over the last few days, this looks like another good read!

Poachers and Poaching - Knowledge Never Learned in Schools

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