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I see The Complete Fisher has had a new front end making it into a hub rather than simply a forum.

Looks nice 🙂

The Clyde – two weeks early

A short report.

Hit the Upper Clyde yesterday with a pal. It was bright sunshine with a chill in the air. There was a few Large Dark Olives coming off the water but did not see any trout rising at all.

As you can see, Allan is about as stealthy as Emanuelle when it comes to river fishing 🙂

On speaking to the bailiff we were told that we were about two weeks early for “proper” fly fishing. He had a creel with a couple of fat trout he had caught using Gadgers ie large stonefly nymphs. He had also caught a few Grayling up to around the 2lb mark which left us looking a bit inadequate.

I also tried out my new chest pack – supplied by those kind people over at Orvis.

I am putting together a review over the next week or so. I have spent the last couple of weeks getting to know all its wee secrets  which i will share with you when I have thoroughly put it through its paces.

Websites related to the Clyde

I always like finding fly fishing sites to do with the rivers off the River Clyde. When I started Urban Fly Fishing on the Kelvin all those years ago i was very lonely all by myself- now a quick run through gives us this little list..

Urban Fly Fishing on the Kelvin – sister site to this blog

Pale Watery – A place dedicated to Fly Fishing on Rivers for Brwon Trout and Grayling – a lovely site from a man that fishes the Clyde

Fishing The Leven – If you suspect the Trout and Salmon magazine reports may be misleading you then you can be sure Robbie tells it as it is !

Walton Angling Club – Covers a section of the White Cart

River Clyde Fisheries Management Trust Ltd – Its objective is to maintain, protect, improve and develop the River Clyde and its tributaries upstream of the Erskine Bridge as a fishery for the good of the public.I wish they would turn off that music !

Loch Lomond Angling Inprovement Assocciation – The Big Daddy on the West of Scotland – covers Loch Lomond, River leven, River Endrick, River Fruin. The motto I believe is “Buy Ticket or Die” Only kidding – I am just pointing out they do actually have a very vigilant bailiff force – a proper one, with warrant cards and everything – not like the Kelvin which does not have any actual bailiffs just wardens who have no powers at all.

The Avon Angling Club – A new site for the River Avon. I fished their last year with a pal, very nice.

You guys know any more ?

Original Genuine Chadwicks 477

 There is some original genuine chadwicks 477 wool on ebay. This is the wool that is used to make Sawyer’s Killer Bug which is a simple maggot-like pattern, yet seemingly for those that can get a hold of this wool it lives up to its name “Killer Bug” every season.

Sawyer said, “The successful attraction of this pattern is due to the fact that the particular ‘darning wool’ used, completely changes colour when wet.”

You can see a representation over at Danica

Why dont you bid on it, tye some up and send me some- check out this listing on  Ebay

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‘Best of Brit Blog Awards’

I recieved an email today telling me I have been nominated in the ‘Best of Brit Blog Awards’ in the Sports section.

‘The Best of Brit Blog Awards 2007™(BOBBs) launched on the 22nd February to find and reward the UKs most talented writers on the blogosphere., one of the UKs leading internet search engines, has teamed up with a number of celebrity judges including Alan McGee and Channel 5s Jason Bradbury to launch this initiative and get Britain blogging.

You can check out what the competition is all about here

The awards are split into eight popular categories; Fashion, Travel, Sport, Politics, Art and Entertainment, Technology, Youth (under 18s) and the Weird and Wonderful (to be decided by a public vote). Each category will be judged by a panel of celebrity judges from each field. Confirmed judges include:

Arts and Entertainment Alan McGee (Founder, Creation Records)
Fashion – Brenda Polan (Fashion Journalist/Broadcaster)
Sport Alastair Cook (England Cricketer)
Politics  Ed Vaizeye (Conservative MP)
Travel  Tom Hall (Lonely Planet Spokesperson)
Technology – Jason Bradbury (Gadget Expert)
Youth  Shaa Wasmund (Founder of mykindofspace and Bebo)

Thankyou whoever nominated me – I really appreciate it 🙂

The Fly Line of Many Colors

Opax has gone all cosmic on us.

Fish Wild – April 2007 Online

The April edition of Fish Wild is now online.

I particulary like Mike Connors article on what makes somebody an angler.

What many people completely fail to understand is that the number or size of fish is basically irrelevant to a true angler. Indeed, a true angler will quite happily spend hours trying to catch minnows, or even just watching a fish!

Get the full article here.

A View From the Bridge – Moored?

Tom Jervis over at A View From the Bridge is calling it a day due to ship based work being commercially sensitive . Tom’s writing and most excellent sense of humour has kept me amused for a good few years now.

I will return with a different format at a later date so for the moment, fuck off ! and close the door behind you.

The good news though is his job regulary changes so at some point in the future we again may see his interesting photography.

If you have not seen his site I urge you to head over and check it out.

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First Day of the Season

I decided to stick to my plan for the first day of the season yesterday and head up to a tributary of the Kelvin. My other pals decided to hit the main river full force – I decided a more leisurely few casts with my bamboo rod was more in the spirit of things, a little taster to whet the appetite for some spring trout madness.

The day was nice, it was mild and there was plenty of water in the little burn. It was slightly coloured which I think may have affected any chance of picking up a trout on the dry fly. I was right it did.I went home with a smile on my face and to the first comment of “you can’t leave that stuff in the kitchen” of the new season.

Ah, good times beckon!

Stepping Up A Gear With Deer Hair

I think I may have nipped this tying with deer hair problem in the bud. I have been trying to tie proper comparaduns and emergers with deer hair wings for a couple of seasons now but they just don’t seem to come out right – either the wings are too long or not thick enough or just plain old look wrong.

I just know I am never going to be one of these people that tie up lovely looking flies that site perfectly every time – My flies enjoy the look of “hastily flung together” even when I have painstakingly taken my time. Still, last night I sat down and said to myself – I have got to tie up some patterns that I always wish I had with me – some Grey Dusters and small comparaduns (with tails) I get into a rut and continue tying up large comparaduns with ease but just know when it comes to it that trout will usually only take these bigger flies in early spring when they are trying to fatten themselves up and are less wary. As the season progresses the flies must get smaller.

grey duster

The picture above is a “Grey Duster” tied parachute style but with deer hair as the post. I spotted the pattern over on the Walton Angling Club website where there is also a very good walkthrough. If you can tie parachutes then you should not have too much trouble with it. EDIT: I used yellow thread so it is not strictly a grey duster – see commnents for explanation 🙂


After my success with the Duster I moved on to the comparaduns, I used small TMC hooks which I like as they are sexy black and after a couple I felt I was getting somewhere. I ended up tying up around half a dozen that I was happy with. I tied up some golden olive, ordinary olive and some with squirrel hair as I liked the profile – the hair made it look very buggy.

First day of the trout season tommorow. Forecast on the BBC is for heavy rain…….

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