Fish Bum 1: Mongolia River Wolf – Review

I have a confession to make – I received this DVD ages ago but due to one thing and another I never watched it until now. That’s the problem when you get stuff to review you can’t just hang around you have got to do it. When I buy a fishing DVD or movie I always wait for ages until the best possible moment to watch it – like winter or when the fishing is especially lousy – possibly a rainy day or just plain old when I want to watch it. It’s not like that when I get stuff to review I need to actually do it quickly- oh heaven help me against procrastination.

Anyway, I bet you have already read a review of the Angling Exploration Groups adventures in Mongolia already? Does that mean I don’t have to do it? I suppose I had better say something as I want them to send me the next in the series at some point in the future…..however when I was watching the movie I was trying to work out exactly what to say about it – something catchy they could quote me on, something they could use on their promotional stuff. How about:

“It’s Fu**ing Great”

“More porno than a drunken threesome”

The last movie I reviewed for them I compared it to a porno film full of “money shots” – if you don’t know what that is look it up. Essentially that moment of extreme satisfaction when you see a fish take a fly off the surface and the rod bends – pure money shot.

I like watching movies like this with pals (edit:fishing movies) – I watched the last two Angling Exploration Group films again a few weeks ago with a visiting friend – we had got home from a hard days fishing and it was nice to watch someone catching enormous fish.

I watched this one rather haltingly as I kept having to go and do stuff, I kept on having to pause it.  The funny thing is every time I paused the film when I looked at the screen it looked like a professional picture – you could pretty much print it out and it would look great – no matter what frame you used. I suppose that is what I like about these movies they just look so damn good.

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Fish Bum 1: Mongolia River Wolf

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