It all comes together…

It was one of those days I have been waiting for. I have been watching the weather forecast like a hawk waiting for a slight respite in the rain and just a tad of heat.

The river was the colour of weak tea, up around a foot and there was a howling gale which made casting very tricky, the temp was good – possibly around 13-17 when the sun came out. There was also the occasional heavy rain storm. Like I say perfect conditions for this river.

I walked down the river and spotted a couple of trout rising the other side of the river, I waded across and discovered that the patch in the crotch of my waders does not seem to be covering the leak. I had spent another hour last week adding more sticky stuff however that does not seem to be working either. However, at that moment in time it did not seem like a big issue as there was trout to be caught. I caught one, two, three, four, five trout from this spot – all big ones maybe around the pound mark – they fought like devils!

 I then waded upstream – the birds wheeling around pretty constantly taking flies on the wing. I never really seen what they were taking, or the trout for that matter – in the   beginning I think they were taking yellow mays and later some kind of olive – I was catching fish constantly – sometimes on my little olive paraloop and sometimes of my comparadun. When the trout stopped taking on the surface briefly I put on a dry and dropper and started catching them under the surface. I managed to foul hook an enormous grayling of around 2lb in its ass – it did not put up much of a fight – it tried to get a picture but it flopped out my hands as I got the camera ready- I really should come up with a better system, somehow I seem to do it the same way every time – although when you are hold your rod, a wiggling fish and a camera something has got to give and the fish is the only thing you would smile at seeing swim away.



  1. scott · June 30, 2008

    Sounds like a magic day! I’ve been waiting for a day where it all comes together ( and im off work) for about 3 months now……

  2. Alex · June 30, 2008

    Very interesting and productive day. Interesting because there really wasn’t much fly life about.

    What made the fishing good is that the water was very well oxygenated, slightly coloured which makes the fish less spooky, and because it’s after a decent spate the fish haven’t been feeding much for a good few days.

    With the water nicely freshened up, and a decent glut of summer weather on our way, we could be set for some sizzling sport in the gloaming!


  3. Alistair · June 30, 2008

    @Scott – I read that wrong for a second – I thought you were going to be off work for three months – which would been great !!

    @Alex – forgot to mention when I was first there the trout were sucking down yellow mays and then later they were taking very small olives – If I had bothered to get one I reckond they would have been “medium olives” as they were trickling off pretty much the whole day – enough to get the trout and birds interested however not enough to make them selective and picky!

  4. Paul · June 30, 2008

    Great stuff Alistair.You can’t beat the feeling of a productive session like that,when the fish are “on” and the angler is “in the zone”.Ive been away in Corfu with my good lady and the rivers are way up from when i left.Cant wait to get out fishing,hopefully Kelvin tonight and Clyde tomorrow.

  5. scott · June 30, 2008

    3 months off would be awesome! sadly this aint the case…

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