Hey You Guys…

Greetings readers, I have decided you all know me too well. Someone actually recognised me in Ikea last night. I have decided that it would be nice if I knew what you all look like. Consequently, I want you all to look out a photo of yourselves (preferably with a fish or fishing) and send me it.

Go on……send em’ to:

EDIT: This is great fun – I have had three sent to me so far – get sending over the next week – the one my wife likes most gets a copy of the recent Mongolia Fish Bum DVD

Tell you what – I will give you guys a couple of weeks – say this weekend and next to take a photo of your face and a fish before my wife chooses the winner.


  1. Ha! I’m afraid that comes with fame my friend. You’ll be buying a house in Monaco for some tax-breaks and writing your first book. By the way, ever considered writing a book about the kelvin, fishing etc…? Then you would at least be worthy of being recognised in ikea 🙂

  2. Do you promise we will not end up being photoshopped onto some dodgy porn site holding our rods, wearing only waders.

  3. Might be interesting to hear about what cameras guys use ,where they keep them when fishing and how they operate them when taking a pic of a catch ,especially one that they are releasing
    ( avoiding,fish,camera and self finishing up in the drink!!!) .

  4. I have had three sent to me already and not one by any of you miscreants !

    I am expecting them when I get back from holiday !

  5. “to take a photo of your face and a fish ”

    That’ll be without the Sainsbury’s bag I guess ?

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