Hey You Guys…

Greetings readers, I have decided you all know me too well. Someone actually recognised me in Ikea last night. I have decided that it would be nice if I knew what you all look like. Consequently, I want you all to look out a photo of yourselves (preferably with a fish or fishing) and send me it.

Go on……send em’ to:

EDIT: This is great fun – I have had three sent to me so far – get sending over the next week – the one my wife likes most gets a copy of the recent Mongolia Fish Bum DVD

Tell you what – I will give you guys a couple of weeks – say this weekend and next to take a photo of your face and a fish before my wife chooses the winner.

10 comments to Hey You Guys…

  • Andy

    Ha! I’m afraid that comes with fame my friend. You’ll be buying a house in Monaco for some tax-breaks and writing your first book. By the way, ever considered writing a book about the kelvin, fishing etc…? Then you would at least be worthy of being recognised in ikea 🙂

  • Do you promise we will not end up being photoshopped onto some dodgy porn site holding our rods, wearing only waders.

  • I may post em’ on the site though 🙂

  • Stuart B

    Might be interesting to hear about what cameras guys use ,where they keep them when fishing and how they operate them when taking a pic of a catch ,especially one that they are releasing
    ( avoiding,fish,camera and self finishing up in the drink!!!) .

  • I have had three sent to me already and not one by any of you miscreants !

    I am expecting them when I get back from holiday !

  • Stuart B

    what ????another holiday …:-)

  • I want to hear less of the wisecracks and more of clacking camera lenses Stuart B!


  • Stuart B

    “to take a photo of your face and a fish ”

    That’ll be without the Sainsbury’s bag I guess ?

  • Paul

    Hey Alistair any sort of fish or preferably freshwater????

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