Fish Bum Mongolia DVD winner

Ok OK – I promise this was not a fix – the winner of the Fish Bum Mongolia DVD was in fact my long time fishing buddy (now moved away and riverless) Emanuele. Ironically he did not even send in the photo, his pal from the states took the time to send me these pics of the man in action – a nice touch – my wife was most impressed by the size of your fish although she assures me size is not everything.



Emanuele kids on he only likes catching trout to the dry fly however these pictures of him hauling in a Salmon prove otherwise.



Congratulations Emanuele, I will forget to post your DVD next week and you will eventually receive it in around a year.<–>

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  1. Emanuele · July 25, 2008

    Thanks a lot Alistair….and I would like to dedicate this award to all the people who always supported me in all my fishing trips… 🙂

    BTW the salmon took a size 22 black cdc…not!


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