Orvis Podcast…

I am off on holiday next week, I have a long distance to drive and started to scout around for some new music and some audio books to listen to – yegads, suddenly I remembered about the Orvis pod casts – I mentioned them a while ago and they had went totally out of my thoughts. I checked back the Orvis site and they now have a few up to listen to. All the pod casts are on pretty essential subjects – knots, fish habitat, choosing a leader etc.

I have no idea who Tom Rosenbauer is, seemingly he is the author of numerous fly-fishing books has been a fly fisher for over 35 years, and was a commercial fly tier by age 14 (which probably means he tied flies for his dad) however his first words of wisdom were pretty interesting so I am looking forward to sticking these on my mp3 player for next week.

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