Well hello there my pretty…

Another meeting at the place with a wee river running past it – I was a little early and stopped the car to look at the pool where I caught the trout last time. I watched several trout rising – I had no time so went to the meeting – it ended up taking longer than I thought, I did not mind though as it meant I could have a cast at the end of the day before going home.

I walked along the edge of this little stream – a lot of it is unfishable or to be more accurate very difficult to fish. I never seen a trout.

I only seen a trout at the pool which I promptly spooked as the water is deep and slow. I then managed to get one on a pheasant tail nymph (tied traditionally with no thread) fished under a dropper. After another ten mins I had come in contact with a couple of fish and the pool was spooked.

I crept up and peered into the pool – it was stuffed with fish – obviously the one I had caught was one of the tiddlers. I tried casting to them from where I was watching however they were very spooky and would bolt around the pool every time they seen the indicator. Sometimes the nymph would drift past almost at their noses however the trout would pay it no attention. Eventually I stood up and the trout scattered.


  1. Hey Alistair – wee question for ya, what knot to you use to tie on your droppers when using the new-zealand dropper? Heading further upstream on the Kelvin today to torrance (usually fish the city bits).. hopefully won’t be a wash out

  2. Andy-Kelvin was like chocolate milk when i had a look before work this morning.

  3. Paul, for some reason your comment was held in moderation which is a pity as it would have been good for Andy – not sure why that happened !

    Andy – I use the half blood knot !

  4. Ach i really must stop posting all those abusive comments on discussion forums πŸ˜‰

  5. Just back from Abington where it was a lovely evening ….that was until I dipped my camera in the Clyde while reeling in a wee brownie …and then later on I missed my footing and finished up sitting up to my nips in water …I have waist waders so I was soaked . Must remember to carry a change in the boot .At least the water wasn’t cold … GRRRRR!!! πŸ™

  6. No Alistair …The water was completely clear and it was sunny,a slight breeze and you could see for miles .It’s really lovely down there and just off the motorway services …..My intention was to stay there after the sun went down and maybe kip in the car for a hour or three but going for a swim put the mockers on that .:-(

  7. “saw a trout” please not “seen a trout” saw saw saw saw saw or “had seen a trout” please please please

  8. hey Alistair,

    been catching up with the blogs, Tommt here, the guy you met at rhu narrows a month or so ago. keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  9. Speaking about Rhu Narrows are sea trout caught in this area from the shore right through to the end of the season ???

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