…another winter nearly over, another half dozen balloon caddis tied, another weekend earning brownie points by not going fishing, another 28 days until the brown trout season starts, another blank fly fishing for Pike last weekend (reckon its too cold), another dozen comparaduns tied, another trip into town to gaze at the new camera I desperately want, another UCAPA permit bought, another sportfish catalogue drops through my door, another fly line needed, another…



Tying Time…

So tonight I suddenly realised that the season is around 39 days away. I also suddenly realised that all my big talk about tying up plenty of flies for the start of the season was all….well….big talk. Actually, I did start around a few weeks ago and tied up some nymphs but it was a half hearted thing – a couple a night. So I got in from work, got the gear out and decided to dive in at the deep end and tie myself up a dozen balloon elk hair caddis. Considering I have not actually tied up any before using foam they actually turned out rather well, they should work well once the caddis are on the water and in the meantime should suspend a nymph at the start of the season when fishing the…cough cough…duo.

So a dozen were tied from around 7pm until 9pm. Not bad going I thought….at the rate I lose flies I should have enough to last me the first month.

Flutterby High

Dark miserable January. The days are short and the nights are long. This morning going into work felt like the longest away I will ever be from a nice warm summer day casting a dry fly to a rising trout. Even the Pike are not playing ball at the moment. After doing a lot of research on the net into possible Pike venues I came up with somewhere that looked promising – somewhere that seemed neglected, and Pike thrive on neglect. Anyway, with all the rain the venue essentially turned into what looked like a muddy ditch. We still had a few casts but considering the water looked the colour of milky tea we decided to try elsewhere. By elsewhere I mean we decided to visit the fishing equivelant of a brothel.

Yup – we went to a trout fishery. A stocked hole in the ground with as much character as a politician talking about strategy. If you must know it was Carbeth Trout Fishery – the first thing that annoyed me was that even though they had signs up saying you could fish for four hours on a £7 catch and release ticket they bloke behind the counter informed us that we could not get them as too many people were handling the fish roughly causing finger marks. On reflection I think we should have made a bit of a fuss about that but we coughed up the cash and got fishing. I say got fishing as needless to say we all caught nothing – well Alex caught an out of season brown trout which looked wild – not sure how it got in there as it the pond is just a dug hole. It was an absolute fluke actually – his lure got caught on a discarded piece of nylon which just happened to be attached to the fish. There was a lead weight attached to it as well – so much for the “fly only” pool. Just goes to show you that Alex can pretty much go anywhere and still catch a fish.

Oh yea, so today I get into my office at 8am – its all open plan and something catches my attention, something fluttering on the ceiling, cant quite make out what it is, it comes closer – a Butterfly ?? In January? The only thing I can think of is the heat in the office somehow managed to hatch its egg. I watched it flutter around the office with a smile on my face – other people noticed it but did not seem to have the same wonder about it – sure they found it odd but not something to really ponder about. Is it something about fisherfolk that think more of these things as it reminds us of the time when casting flies to eager trout is possible ?

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

I have just finished reading “Salmon Fishing in the Yeman” – it was one of those books that have been floating around in my consciousness for a while now so I decided to add it to my wishlist for Christmas. It is a pure work of fiction about a fishery scientist who is asked and then forced into coming up with a way to transport and ensure that Salmon run up a river in the middle of a desert.


Highly enjoyable, it is written in diary, letter and interview format –lots of “in” jokes regarding the angling press although if someone is not a fisherman then they will still get the idea about the joke. All in all – a mighty find read.

Fish Pen?

For the love of God……..WHY?????

 The Fish Pen

Staying in bed…

Driving a few hundred miles up the road to Scotland to England I managed to see first hand the countryside changing to one covered with snow. The borders were probably the worst and the news went on about people being trapped in cars and only to travel if absolutely necessary. However that was a few days ago now and most of the snow has now disappeared and that is the problem – it will all have gone straight into the rivers meaning a distinct lack of grayling action. Armed with this info when I was asked by the gruesome twosome Alex and Alan if I wanted to accompany them for some grayling action I decided to stay in my bed. There is always a danger in doing this as days where you think everything might go wrong can possibly turn out to be fantastic however I decided to go with my instincts and got out of bed at a leisurely 1030.

Turns out I was spot on – I gave them a bell in the afternoon “oh sure” said Alan “I have just had two, combined weight around 2lb” Yegads, I thought, my highly tuned anglers sense has let me down (not for the first time have I cursed that flabby muscle) should I immediately start planning a drive up to a local grayling haunt. However, it turns out they were merely pulling my leg, after arriving at the river to find a flood of biblical proportions they turned around (a round trip of almost 200 miles)  and ended up at Harelaw. They are obviously of sturdier stuff than me; I would have probably suggested a light pub lunch and a discussion of tactics for this coming year.

Happy New Year

Sitting here on hogmany browsing around thinking about the new year – we have only around 70 odd days to go before the new trout season opens. I would like to think I would get some pike fishing done over the next month however it now looks like the weather will be against us all. The UK is to be hit by a big freeze making temperatures plummet to around -17 in the Midlands, it is all thanks to winds from Siberia seemingly.

Ah well – have a good 2008 you guys ! I hope to be meeting you on the river bank at some point.

Loch Lomond Angling Improvement Association Commitee Resign

Well, here is a bit of juicy info that seemed to pass me by. It seems the entire Loch Lomond Angling Improvement Association Committee has resigned due to accusations of mismanagement of finances and mistrust by the members around the way they are running things. One resignation letter points directly at a forum set up by a member of the club – Robbie – stating that a whispering campaign has been going on for some time against the committee. I am an occasional visitor to the forum and yes, I have noticed a distinct bias towards thinking the committee is rubbish however I do think that most people think the way their own organisation is run is usually that it is a pile of old tosh.

Take The Kelvin for example – I took the hump with them as they don’t seem to act on anything – poaching, river management, the refusal to put up one sign saying you need a permit to fish the river, however they don’t let that stop them doing nothing !

Anyway, what I will say about the Leven is the reports in the popular UK magazine Trout & Salmon are usually totally inaccurate. I regularly speak to guys down on the river who tell me they have had a pretty poor season however to read the reports you would think every Tom, Dick and Harry was hauling the Salmon in.

Just goes to show you I suppose!


edit: I am liking the new design of the  Loch Lomond Angling Improvement Association website. I also particulary like the two blogs which are part of it:

Fishing Reports

Tales from the Loch 

Happy Winterfest, Christmas etc

Santa Claus, Christmas Eve – thoroughly pissed off!!

The wife refused to have sex with him before he left for work, those bloody elves are demanding more money as usual for hardly even a days hard graft (for the love of God they want four breaks a day) and to top it all the computer discs Santa uses to store all the children’s names, addresses and what they want as a present has been lost by an underling…..everything seems to be going wrong.

Just as Santa is about to start shouting at those bloody elves again the chief fairy wanders up with a Christmas tree – “Here pal” she says “ where you wanting this tree?”

And that my friend is why you put the fairy on the top of the tree!!

Turning Corners..

That’s it lads – we are almost there! The winter solstice is upon us and from now on the days will be fair old drawing in. I think this is a special time for the dedicated trout angler as it signifies a turning point in the long dreary winter – a faint glimmer of hope that the new season is just around the corner, warm summer days, olives on the water, trout splashing at your dry fly.

 I was looking through my photographs – pretty much the only thing that I saved after I formatted my computer and lost everything (this happened two days ago and I am still in shock) and found this photo. Now, I don’t have many regrets but I wish I had taken a better picture of it. It was a truly lovely trout and I reckon well up there as one of my biggest on the dry fly.

I suppose I need to get my ass in gear and tie up some flies…