Wader Repair Time Again….

I have a hole in my waders – not just one in fact but a few. The three main ones that are causing my gip are – both feet and a rather nasty one at my groin. The last one makes me look as if I have wet myself when I take them off – it doesn’t half chaff as well when walking any distances. And don’t even talk about when I was fishing in the salt the other day – Yowzers – my inner thighs were bright red when I got home!

I think I have located the leaks – I did not need to do anything fancy with alcohol or lights as I could pretty quickly see what the problem was – at the crotch (sorry to those not interested in my crotch) there appeared to be some thinning of the lining – possibly due to rubbing.

rubbing waders

If you look carefully you can see light bits – that is where it looks as if the inner lining has came away from the outer – when I put my hand inside and blow I can feel the air – there is breathable and then permeable – you decide!

Now this might be enough to send a lesser mortal away to the fishing shop with a bundle of grubby tenners in their hands but not this stingy frugal fish fighting machine. After last years disastrous contact with a barbed wire fence I had went around various friends for solutions – most of whom shook there heads relegating them to the bin – however with a tube of extremely sticky stuff and some patches there were good as new in no time at all – sure they looked like they had been in the wars but there is nothing finer in life than a patch you have applied yourself and it makes the damn thing work again – or in this case hopefully to stop leaking like I have peed myself.

So, another tube of sticky stuff later…

……and voila!

I do one patch at a time so concentrated on the groin area – if that works then I will move on to the legs and feet !


  1. Hey man, good job!

    Although given the location of those patches, I would recommend giving it plenty of time to dry before trying them on!


  2. Spooky Alistair, my waders have gone the same way…

    On my last fishing session I proudly caught a rather large brown trout…after releasing it I realised I had a wet crotch and hoped to God that incontinence hadn’t come early!

  3. I have a pair of Scierra waist waders . No temptation to go in too deep with them .

  4. i have those scierra waist waders aswell, on the burns and lochs ive fished they have been more than adequate so far, i dare say theres a lot of fish i wouldnt have caught without them!

  5. A very old pair of heavy stiff rubber Snowbee waders that were given to me, they keep me dry if a little sweaty. I was looking the other day at waders in the fishing shop, 860 Euro for some fancy breathable Scierra ones, the last couple of cars I have bought have been cheaper than that. I do feel a little self concious as I swish past other anglers in my noisy rubbers and they glance at my kit with pity in their eyes, at 40 years old you think these insecurities would have dissapeared. Great repair job by the way, to be sure there is few seasons wear in them yet.

  6. I use Greys G-Series breathable chesties, and have had no problems with them (touchwood)

  7. I use Orvis Endura’s, although I’m currently awaiting my third pair (in three seasons) to arrive in the post, as the last pair leaked…again.

    Awesome service (as they replaced the second pair with no questions, just requested that I cut a 12″ square out of the chest of the waders). Just happens to be that the Endura model is not a very durable one.

    Still, a brand new pair of waders a season, and for the price of a stamp, can’t be bad 😉

  8. Orvis ProGuide2, good customer service, good cut without being baggy. best pair I ever had was Dan Bailey used them for 6 years without developing any major leaks, you can get a pair online in a sale at the moment from MRFC. My orvis leaked within 10 trips, but they are better finished and tailored than the DB’s. Good replacement/repair as with any Orvis product.

  9. The repair job has not worked sadly – i will be getting the sticky stuff out again tonight and giving them a blast …..

  10. david, if your waders keep you dry then theres nowt to be embarrased about!
    in reality , breathable waders are still sweaty as hell unless you fish completely static, and they are more likely to leak i reckon.

  11. Scott, it’s just this inferiority complex I have. I think its because I wasn’t breast fed as a baby or because i had to wear shorts to school until I was 12 years old.

  12. Funny that – you just dont see kids wearing shorts to school – I mind walking home from school in the snow while wearing shorts – child abuse that was !

  13. Some folk now would regard making kids walk to skool as child abuse . I used to walk there and back and I walked home ( or ran) at lunchtimes as well. Dunno how I managed it in the time .

  14. Reminds me of when I left school. I had a “job” as a YTS trainee at a fish farm. The waders they gave me leeked at the crotch.

    After a day of wading about and feeding fish with pellets that smelled of fish, I had to get on a bus to go home. Nobody would sit near me.

    It’s great for the ego of a 16 year old.

  15. haha maybe your right david, i hear a lack of breastfeeding plays havoc with your mind later in life!

  16. Alistair, I’ve been fighting the wader-leaking problem for 18 months! (You can read my story at my blog and see the pictures-ugly). Mine were luckily in the feet.

    I wear Dan Bailey waders. They’ve lasted about 5 years now (well, three and a half before the feet sprung a

    Other Scott, I’ve heard it’s never too late to try and rectify the problem 😉

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