Nah not really but i did catch a trout the other day whilst spinning. Technically we were spinning for Pike. I had been talking about going for a walk with a pal for a while now from Milngavie and walking right down beside the allander to where it joins the kelvin and then walk from there along the kelvin to the vet school.
He had done very little fishing before so i took an old telescopic rod and some mepps to see if we could entice some Pike.

Anyway….here is a picture of the fish pass in Milnagvie, hopefully where some of those Salmon from the kelvin get to.

You know its funny because sometimes its not the fishing that makes a nice day out…in this case it was the wildlife

We also seen a familly of Stoats which was pretty amazing

Heres a picture of EM walking across the fallen tree from the fallen tree stretch

Nice trees

Thought I would include a couple of nice pictures of some nice trees that can be found between the vet school stretch and the fallen tree stretch….

Possibly not the best picture in the world. but if you look closely you can see the patterns in which it grows is lovely.

I LIKE trees!!!!! OK
I have given my website to Morgan and he is hosting it on his comp for th etime being…..well… until he goes off to uni at the end of september anyway and then i will transfer it to my partners free space. He also moaned at me about the amount of spelling mistakes… So anyway, i will do the site changes and add a little more of the next few days. Possibly tomorow i will add another stretch!

no fish…fantastic start

Ah yes, The Kelvin Trout wouldnt bve the same if they didnt act like the stubborn little buggers that they are. I would like to say that when i went down to the river today for the first time in a week i at least caught a couple. BUT i caught absolutley bugger all, ah well start the way you mean to go on and all that. I started at the vet school and worked my way down. I took my digital camera with me as i wanted to get some pictures in for the site. Actually what i had wanted was a nice picture of a Kelvin trout to show how nice they are , you know sometimes i think it is the camera that puts them off. Ah you gotta love em.
Anyways, i got some nice pictures for the site, now all i have to do is resize them, some are a bit blurry, so next time im down i will take some more.
Ta Ta

First post!

Well, I decided to start the fishing blog whilst I am building the site. I have been ill the last week so have not managed to get to the river at all. I will however be getting up early in the morning and will be taking my digital camera with me. Fingers crossed 🙂

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