Dirty tricks at the vet school!

So I went down to the river this evening for a couple of hours. I went down for two reasons. One I wanted to catch fish and two I wanted to test my waders again…..im getting paranoid that they are leaking again after last night.
Anyway, when i got there teh water was dirty and muddy. I did the same as last night, i fished with two flies…im getting teh hang of this dropper lark….i put a butcher on the point and a wooly thingy on the dropper.
Basically I was just casting downstream and letting the flies swing across the current. The danger in this of course is that a lot of fish just seem to snap at the flies and around 3 or 4 fish did just that. All the time I was fishing i was thinking that my foot was wet, comparing how my right foot felt too my left……………..one minute i would think they were leaking and then the next not. Last night I had taken my waders off to check and my foot was a little damp and then put my foot down on the ground (as i fell over again) so that had ruined my chances of finding out.
Anyway…back to the fishing….Here is a nice little trout!
I was surprised that I caught anything to be honest as the water was so coloured but in the end i caught a few, all small one a little larger than the one in the photo.
I was wading deep, up tp my thighs and the water was cold dammit….this is July???? Anyway I think the cold made me think that my foot was wet again and i was seething……i was going over in my head what i would say to the company that i wanted a new pair and what my rights were……..rah!!!!
As i was fishing there was a duck swimming up beside me with some little baby ducks :))
AAwwwwwww!!!! I love seeing nature when im fishing……and trees for that matter!!
Anyway, so I walked back up the river as finally I had got in a tangle with the dropper (yegads) and seen some fish rising to flies on the surface…….I was a bit unsure as to what to do as the water was so dirty…..i tied on a duster anyway and had a few casts….my foot felt wet so i stomped home in disgust…thinking about all the fishing i would NOT be doing waiting on them come back……raging…..seething.. the foot with the leak felt heavier…it felt wetter…it felt damp…it felt funny/strange not the same as the other one.

Got home…both feet prefectly dry……all in my imagination…..Im obsessive…..obsessive!!!!
When I got home I ripped my copy of the Guardian into appropriate letters and filed them away with the rest!

A can of cider and some cookies are called for!!

Oh…..i nearly forgot. I went into “Cafaro Brothers” and the guy that served me was great……I know im always moaning about fishing shops but the server gave me some good advice and we had a nice chat about fishing for a change…I had a wee gander at the waistcoats ..he could sense the mug in me so steered me towards the hardy ones! Ahhhhh positive 🙂



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  2. j · July 6, 2004

    It was a bit murky, but still managed 6 up to about 10 oz. Pity the schools are on holiday, the weans seem to enjoy hurtling abuse from bridges (beware of other things)

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