Today I decided I am going to be in a green mood. Therefore the Urban Angling on the Kelvin site will be green as well.



Well here we have a genetically modified fish alongside a natural salmon…gm fish

Seems they want to get regulatory aproval by the end of 2004. they grow up to 4 times faster than ordinary salmon………if i wasnt worried about the future yesterday….im damn worried now!
Full story Here On the BBC site

Was at the river today!

It was cold…very cold. The water was dark and there was no fly life. I did not see any fish. Even the trees looked annoyed. I was emailed by another fisher who had been down at the river the other day, there was a short hatch but caught nowt. Hopefully in another week or so it will heat up…….

Funny that, because on wednesday it did in fact actually look quite nice! Not the river, but the weather in general, i seen some flies floating about. Hmmmmm its going to be only good for a couple of hours situation i reckon!!

The First Day!!

This has got to be the first day that I have actually looked out and thought that it may be worthwhile going fishing. There was a little sun around and it was a bit warmer. I reckon there should be a little fly life on the water. All i need is my new manly waders and i will be all set.

My little site!!

You know what I find strange? Nearly all the people that look at the site dont actually come from Glasgow! I look through my stats and I find that around 80% are people from all over the UK and the rest of the world. Most of the people are typing things like “river kelvin fishing” into google and they get my site……now when its people from places like Germany and the states i would really actually like to know why they are looking it up…..So if anyone fancies dropping me a mail i would love to speak to you 🙂

This all occured to me as i was staggering home from a night out, it was mt friends 30th birthday……it started to rain……and i thought…..hmmmmmm stats now there is a funny thing!!!!????

Internet Radio is the beeez neeez….

Been listening to lots of internet radio over at shoutcast its damn damn good. After last nights escapades i was gagging to get down to the river, first fish of the season and all that…..woke up and Claire said that it was snowing…..rolled over and went back to sleep!

Fly Tying and Charles Jardine

Well, what a cracking night. The night was arranged by the West of Scotland Flydressers and Mr Jardine was damned good I must say. He was exactly what one would expect from a proffessional Fly Fisherman….ie better than you and he knows it.
The patter was class::

Charles now this rafia …..has anyone used it?
first bloke yes, ive used it tying the thoraximijig on my zoobydoo fly
second bloke Ive used it for the boonga nymph
third bloke Ive used it to tie up the pressies at crimbo

You couldnt make this stuff up 🙂
Obviously I made up the names of the flies……it was bloody class!!

Funny actually, I met a guy when i was standing on a bridge gazing down at the Kelvin, I was early so was killingtime. He was carrying a fly rod. He said he had made it himself but was just practising anyway. Told him to have gander at the site and send me an email as he was going to be buying a new rod.

Mr Jardine……Charles Jardine You may be English and a have a vice that cost the price of a second hand car…..but still…… I salute you sir!!!

Love Song for the Kelvin

This is a song about a place where young lovers would meet on the banks of the kelvin

Kelvin Grove

Let us haste to Kelvin Grove, bonnie lassie, O,
Through it’s mazes let us rove, bonnie lassie, O:
Where the rose in all her pride,
Paints the hollow dingle side,
Where the midnight fairies glide, bonnie lassie, O.

Let us wander by the mill, bonnie lassie, O,
To the cove beside the rill, bonnie lassie, O;
Where the glens rebound the call
Of the roaring waters’ fall,
Through the mountain’s rocky hall, bonnie lassie, O.

O Kelvin banks are fair, bonnie lassie, O,
When the summer we are there, bonnie lassie, O;
There the May-pink’s crimson plume
Throws a soft, but sweet perfume
Round the yellow banks of broom, bonnie lassie, O.

Though I dare not call thee mine, bonnie lassie, O,
As the smile of fortune’s thine, bonnie lassie, O;
Yet with fortune on my side,
I could stay thy father’s pride,
And win thee for my bride, bonnie lassie, O.

But the frowns of fortune lour, bonnie lassie, O,
On thy lover at this hour, bonnie lassie, O;
Ere yon golden orb of day
Wake the warblers on the spray,
From this land I must away, bonnie lassie, O.

Then farewell to Kelvin Grove, bonnie lassie, O,
And adieu to all I love, bonnie lassie, O;
To the river winding clear,
To the fragrant scented brier,
E’en to thee of all most dear, bonnie lassie, O.

When upon a foreign shore, bonnie lassie, O,
Should I fall midst battle’s roar, bonnie lassie, O;
Then Helen, shouldst thou hear
Of thy lover on his bier,
To his memory shed a tear, bonnie lassie, O.

River Carron

I passed by the River carron the other day, i quite fancy giving it a little shot. I have two choices. 1 get a lift or 2 get public transport there. iether way i need someone to give me a hand with directions.

Fly Tying and wasps

Ive been frantically writing an essay today, its due in next week. My whole day was planned around this and going to a fly tying demonstration by charles jardine tonight at the polish club in Glasgow. Anyway, it was damned lucky I looked up the address again as it turns out its actually going to be tommorow night its on.

Have a wee gander at that Charles Jardine site….lucky old so and so charles jardine lucky bastard
Imagine having a job that was as good as that!

I was attacked by a wasp in my flat today…..Spring is on the way and so is my irratonal fear of wasps that they will somehow kill me……I need to keep the whole damn thing in perspective
wasp in reality