A nice evening!

So I took a stoat along to the river yesterday, well in the late afternoon actually. When i got their it was looking awfully coloured although what i have noticed is that the pools look cery brown but in the shallows and in the ruffles the water was a little clearer. Anyway I put on a little butcher and a wooly spikey tinsley thing on the dropper. As you know I dont usually use droppers but I thought I had better give it a bash and get into the swing of things.
Anyway….I lost a nice fish because of the dropper when it got tangled up in a fallen railing that had moved from its resident position at the side of a pool to the middle of a pool. At some point, when the water is lower, i will need to go in and haul that damn thing out as it has now ruined a perfectly nice pool. That horrible bit of floatsam has moved because the river has been in some quite strog spates the last few weeks with the changeable weather….. some of the pools have changed shape and where there was nice glides there is now a deep bit. (I explain things so well 😉 )

Ad you can see lots of rubbish has washed down the river as well.

I caught a few more smaller fish and one larger fish and decided to call it a day as i could have sworn that leak in my waders has started again… MAD

I also met one of the people that has been mailing me for a wee while now!