I had a wee gander on my stats and I see I am fast approaching my 2000th visitor since…………hmmmm….April!!
Im considering celebrating this by smoking a fine cigar on the banks of the kelvin (where else) if anyone has a better idea mail me or leave a messege! to mail me by the way it is my name at …..that is then redirected to my actual email addy. I hate spam!

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  1. Morgan · July 9, 2004

    Cigars! A great idea. You want to get yourself something SPECIAL, not some skanky Hamlet crap. I recommend since they will let you buy singles of most brands and they do a lot of Cubans. Still very expensive compared to buying in Cuba but if you are just buying one or two then it’s not so bad.

    The entire Montecristo line is great and very good value too. #3 is a good any time smoke. If you want something a bit more impressive, then any Churchill is a good start. I really like the Bolivar Churchills – they burn extremely evenly and are very pleasant on the palate, with no nasty surprises even as you get close to the end.

    If you’re skint, then I’ll send you some MC #3s.

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