When you search for river Kelvin fishing on google my site is number two. I also may have to contact a site as they have me in their links section as being the official page for the association.

download this this PDF flyer very informative!!!


Had to go to Milngavie yesterday….Claire wanted to go to m&s. Anyway….i said that oh yeas…i would love to come with her. As soon as we got there i buggered off to look at the fish pass just next to the shops. Thats the Gavins mill fish pass…

This is part of The Allander by the way which is a tributory of the Kelvin!As it was there is not much water going through it just now, but just above it I seen a nice trout of around half a pound shooting off!Pity I did not have my camera with me (the picture above is an old one).The Allander is looing lovely just now, full of leaves ad lookig very Autumy. With a bit of luck over the next few weeks I am going to go for a walk right along from Milngavie back to Anniesland. Should be nice and will take my new digital camera….can get some nice pictures with that!!Ta Ta

ages and ages

Ages to go till the season starts again….

William josepg bag


I got my William Joseph bag…….Claire went to Chicago and bought me one at a shop over there……..for the new season all i need now is a snazzy new pair of waders………more to follow!!!!!!

I was STUCK……down a DITCH!!

Just back a short time from the River. I left at around 0930 and got home around 2pm.
Another great day, with a good few fish caught, im not exactly sure how many…possibly around 10!!
I was using those little Clyde Style flies and they certainly did not let me down. I was fishing fairly traditionally with them , casting them across and then letting them drift down with the current. At one point I was getting a fish on every cast…….3 in a row if i remember!!

yet again i would like to point out how hard it is to take pictures of fish whilst unhooking em’

They are both different fish by the way, the second one swam away as i was trying to take his picture………I did feel slighltly like a stalker!!

I also caught what seemed like one of those sea trout that had been stocked earlier in the season. it was certainly nice and fat and was looking in great condition!!#

Other things….

I got stuck next to the river for a while today and could not get out…….I had climed over a fence and forced my way through some jaggy horrible things and then slipped down a steep slope to get to a nice pool!!!

Anyway, after fishing for a bit i i decided to try and get back up….

Above is where i had to try and climb up and it was a …


Half way up i was starting to panick……… i took a picture of myself in case someone found my rotting corpse and could not identify me !!!!!!!!!

Eventually after tearing my clothes i managed to fall over and crawl a few feet and finally made it up….

My sister sent me a text in the middle of this shambles ……………it wasall quite scary…….when i got out there was someone walking there dog….i wanted to run up to them shouting “im FREE …..FREE” but i thought they might think i was a bit of a freak!!

End of season approaching

Well, Its only one week left until the end of the season…the trout season that is. Im trying to decide whether I should move my efforts to sea trout and salmon..only the next month will say i suppose.

Ive got some ideas for the web site, i was thinking of changing the colour scheme and hopefully will try and make some nice buttons instead of that text on the front page. I was also thinking of putting on Blog highlights as it may get more people to come and have a look at the blog if they know what it contains……..hmmmm….

deep in thought

Gibson Street

Great, managed to give that Gibson Street stretch a go today. It was pouring down with rain and i didnt manage to get some pictures …..well any good pictures anyway.

I started a good bit behind this ….

and this is looking upstream

To be honest, i pretty much know that within the first hour whether I am going to get some fish or not and today was definetly one of those days…..I trundled the old faithful Butcher through ruffles and then a little Black Pennel. I even put on a little Peter Ross but had absolutley no joy.

Still, I had a good time searching out new runs, I also scared the heaby jeabies out of myself as there is a large pipe/tunnel ,,,,,,here its is

Anyway, as i waded past it I heard a spookey noise and I swear it sounded like a damn laugh……I read too many King bOoks i reckon. I must have looked like a proper numpty charging through the water.

And then i wondered why i didnt catch any fish!!

“leaky waders be damned……….Aggrhhhhhh”

As I was getting ready to leave, a guy I had met last week happened to pass by in his car…..he told me that at this stretch…..

…he had caught some nice Sea Trout. i can quite believe it, it looks a lovely little run. I wish during the Summer I had came down to this little stretch….ahh well!!!!

I fished a good bit down the river from this point as well, looks like some nice runs……i doubt ill manage out again this season but I will certainly try my best….


Bah !!
I might have known, its been raining a fair bit so im not going to go down to the river untl later on, possibly it may have started to clear by then.
I managed to track someone down that was tying those Clyde Style flies so with a bit of luck they will arrive within the next few days and i may manage to try them out before the season ends. If anyone wants some i can pass on the persons details to you… just email me at

Grrrrr raining

I might have known, as soon as i made my last post it started to rain…….Ill check the agency site again in the morning but im not holding out much luck…..the only good thing is that ,,,,,lovely Claire is off and i will be able to talk her into giving me a lift..


Gibson Street

Well, I went down to that stretch at Gibson Street again……here is a photo of the bridge…

Now this is where I was told there was some good fishing…….I walked up the river a little….

Now is it just me or does that little run just look simply lovely. Anyway, I was getting quite exited about going down and trying it out early tomorow morning and what has just happened???

With a bit of luck it shouldnt effect the river but if it carries on all day it will turn it into a big brown torrent of muddy ………ach you get the idea :/