The river was back in good condition today. There has been no more rain and the water colour had cleared but still left it a good level. I made someone whom mailed me recently and he had picked up a few fish so knew that it was going to be good. I started up at the top of teh stretch but didnt connect to anything. Its funny that because usually I manage to start off there. Anyway i wandered down the stretch untill i got to here
Its funny because I ended up staying here for about an hour and a half and caught…..well…..I kind of lost count. I did however manafe to lose a nice fish of just under the pound mark….kind of lost it… was mostly because i was buggering about trying to get the camera sorted instead of paying attention to how the fish was hooked. To late I seen that the fish was hooked barely through its lip. If I had a net it wouldnt have happened. I dont have one. I should get one though as the amount of times now I have lost a fish because I have not had one is quite a lot. Well, not that many actually but I would still like one. I would like one of these..
They cost about 25 bucks and would fit nicely on my back. I do actually have a net. I have a salmon net (unused, but i was ever the optimist, unlike now when im just glad i dont fall in) which I should punt on ebay or something.
I tried to take a photograph of the contrast in what the Garscube Estate looks like now to what it was like when that old photo was taken. I couldnt. What I should do is take along my good digital camera to take the photo which I will do the next chance i get.


  1. j · July 8, 2004

    These are nice, light nets. But you might find a magnetic catch a whole lot handier.
    Expensive if you buy them from a fishy place, cheap if you buy the wee, strong magnets from maplins.

  2. jason · July 8, 2004

    I use a net on almost every fish. I find that handling them with the net serving as a sort of glove allows me to keep a good gentle grip and limits the amount of hand-to-fish contact. My net is plastic but I do like the look of the wood.

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