Gibson Street again

I stopped off at the bridge on Gibson Street yesterday , as the guy that I had spoke to the other night had said that there was a few good fish sitting underneath it. I can imagine there is. It is a lovely looking piece of water , deep with an amazing glide. Pretty inaccessible as well though. Unfortunately getting there today will be impossible as I’m extremely hangover and need to do stuff , its the future brother in laws birthday but tomorrow all going well rain wise….I will be there 🙂

Angling Shops

I loathe going into angling shops.

Whenever I can I buy my stuff online although today I went into the “Glasgow angling centre”.

It was horrible, like a fishing stuff tesco. The people behind the counter are not very friendly and when I tried to start a conversation the guy just looked at me.

Possibly its me as I was in another of Glasgows angling shops, this time Cafaro Brothers when in the middle of a conversation the guy actually walked away as i was talking. Now im not exactly a mumbler and we had been speaking for a few minutes………..bloody rude i thought!!!!

Anyway so im running out of angling shops that are friendly….if you know of one mail me at…….all I ask is that they are pleasant and helpfull.

So I have all this cash to buy…….a bag, a new jacket and countless other pieces of angling stuff and noone wants me as a regular customer!!!!!!

More later possibly!!

Clyde Style Flies

Aye anyway,
The guy that I was speaking to earlier recomended those “Clyde Style Flies” i will need to pick some of them up at some point, possibly for next season ….
Met some youngsters around 12 who did not have permits but were fishing the fly and seemed keen. I gave them a few flies and some pointers, Its good to see kids out on the river, hook em young i say 🙂

The Website
I was looking at the stats the other day, I have an embedded counter that tracks visitors and what country they come from … also tells me how many unique visitors i get.
On avarage I get 10 hits a day with around 5 being unique visitors, that is people who have not been to the site before.
The stats for the last 100 unique visitors are
(GB)United Kingdom 101

(DE)Germany 8

(US)United States 6

(CA)Canada 3

(DK)Denmark 2

(IE)Ireland 2

(BE)Belgium 2

(NL)Netherlands 1

Which i find pretty good.

Most of the links are coming from forums that i visit and a few are actually bookmarked.
A few people have mailed me, One guy in Ireland who used to live next to the River liked the blog.

All in all im happy 🙂

How many fish?

How many fish have i caught this season?
I was asked this today by another angler that stopped to chat. To be honest i was totally stumped. He pretty much knew that he had caught around 60. Looking back through this blog is a bad idea as i started making the site and doing the blog when the water was low and i was catching hee haw. A cruel space of about 3 weeks. i call it the bad time 😉

Anyway, even during the hot summer months , that was when i was catching the biggest fish even though they were far apart. Strange eh !!

After a mail i recieved the other night I decided to fish well past the vet school and fish in the dosholm park stretch…..
Well, the water was muddy and i could see that there has been a spate in the last couple of days. I got a coupl of bumps and lost a fish but that was that.

Hmmm actually Ill write more later……im going to have a nice red wine and pizza…….im feeling miserable..


Lovely Ladeez

Incidentally, i was browsing that site the Smoky mountain on the fly site and found this….

Jeepers……now i know i have a lovely partner………….BUT how come i never see lovely ladies like that down the river…..BAH

Guy fe Kirki

I recieved a rather nice mail from a guy today. We had been mailing each other for a while. He usually fishes up at towards Kirkintilloch and was finding it rather difficult. Anyway, this is part of the mail…..

…….just thought i’d let you know about my fishing exploits today. i managed to get a lift down to the vet school stretch this afternoon, and fished thereabouts until 7pm. it was really just a fantastic time. completely different from what i’m used to upstream near kirki. i caught more fish than i’ve ever done before in a single session fly fishing for trout, around ten or so, plus quite a few that got off. they all faught like the bananas. as soon as they got near me and i tried to lift them out to unhook off they would tear away again. great sport even on my 6 weight rod. the biggest today was also my biggest trout ever (says more about my past trout record really….) at between half a pound and three quarters of a pound. there was some real fight in that one..!

Absolutely fantastic!!!!!!

I think its great when people catch alot fish on the fly , especially when someones actually had a look at my site and got the idea to go to a stretch from myself.

Oh yea and i had to mail someone from Smoky Mountains On The Fly as i did not mail them to get permission to use the picture of the trout on the front page of the the site EAK

If it changes you know they said no !!!

Fish wanting sex!!

Up early feeling like shite.
Freezing cold morning, and the water was very brown and dark. Was up possibly around half a foot.
There was no fish rising at all at that little run where I have been getting fish on the dry fly so I moved to the area with the reeds….

I trundled a little Butcher through the weeds and managed to get 2 fish, This was the smaller one….As you can see my amazing photographic abilities have not improved any. For the size of it this fish fought like the devil…….Possibly through its little mind it was thinking …SEXSEXSEXSEXSEXSEXSEXSEXSEXSEX

I fished down a little and thought I would have a bash at this spot here.#

In the middle it is around a foot deep with lots of weeds. If you look across the other side of the river you can see a little rocky outcrop. There are fish in front of the rocks. I hooked two but lost them.

I was talking to a guy called Chris for a good while. He fishes bait , wasp grubs and maggot mostly. He always does well, and attends his rod at all times, is carefully the way he unhooks them and is generally a fine angler. If only all the guys fishing bait were like that!!!!!

red Wine

Must……….stop………….drinking……………red …………!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need to get up early to get to the river!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pouring with rain

Doubt I will manage down to the river today. It was my first day at placement for Uni and I’m cream crackered. Its pouring with rain outside , so even if the river is ok just now by tomorrow it will have risen a fair wee bit. May be good for the Worm actually as there should be Salmon in the system now.
One of the things that Douglas Brown told me was that there was a lot of Salmon killed during the hot weather, a lot of trout as well……..At least it wasn’t anything dodgy in the water I say!!!

Anyway, so the river will be too high tomorrow, so the chances are I will get down on Sunday, the only problem being that Sundays are particularly busy. BLAST

Damn Uni……..Interfering with my busy fishing life…….Just when it was getting good too.

I want a new jacket!!! One I can fit in my snazzy new bag if i get it!!!!!!!!

DAMN YOU William and Joseph……….get some Scottish Stockists NOW!!!!!!!!

!!or even better ……..send me one!!

Nice Mushrooms

Well, turned out a mighty fine day. There was a slight colour to the water but I decided to have a go with a dry fly at the place I had so much luck last time.
Anyway I don’t know whether it is my imagination but the fish I am catching on the dry seem to be larger than the ones on the wet fly. I have no pictures of fish this time I’m afraid as taking the fishes picture whilst holding a rod as well as unhooking it without damaging the fish is very difficult. But hey, I get to put in other nice pictures 🙂

Some rather nice mushrooms came out while I was fishing, not of the magic variety however. This was down at the vet school stretch, if you look back a couple of trips u will see where I was before.

Anyway eventually I switched too a tiny wee midge fly as the fish were consistently ignoring mine……Well after I had hooked a couple they must have switched what they were taking. I could then see them inspecting my fly and turning away in disgust. I swear one of them gave me the fin. Possibly the same one that I hooked near the vent bizarrely enough. A fish swirled at my fly and I struck immediately and the efish fought extremely hard. I thought it was a really big brown until I realized it was swimming upside down. When I went to unhook it the fly was just next to the fin near the vent. It must have swirled the fly and when I struck then got hooked.

Another thing about the fish today was how hard they fought……..The two biggest actually jumped out the water , something the trout in the Kelvin don’t often do, at least with me.

After I had some fun their, I walked down to the bridge and watched a few trout from there. I decided to wade in and have a god bash at them seeing as how I was now feeling like an experto 😉

Here I was

There is a fish just in front of that bit of green and another 3 in the middle. Anyway, I worked my way from my side out , missed the one next to the bush and must have spooked the ones in the middle. Although I did get them to have a go at the fly. So as far as I’m concerned I got a result….. I waded out and went back up to the bridge to see if they were still there…….They had managed to get back in position very quickly. Ill remember that for next time.

That once spooked they come back quick!!!

I phoned the Sec of the club today and asked for the stretch from maryhill bridge down to the bridge at the vetschool be made fly only….It sonly around 500 yards …..But hey that’s where I see the most fish getting killed by the bait fishers. allso I may be getting made a Warden.

Ta Ta