TheGlasgowStory: Garscube House

TheGlasgowStory: Garscube House

old house

Garscube House, 1954.

Garscube House was designed by the architect William Burn (1789-1870) and completed in 1827. Burn designed other large country houses such as Tyninghame in East Lothian. The house faced south overlooking landscaped gardens beside the River Kelvin.

Im trying to work out exactly where that picture got taken. In the distance you can see a bridge, now i reckon that it is the bridge that ………hmm I will tell you what I will do …..later I will take my good digital camera and take a photo from roughly the same place as where that one was taken. Its strange though because looking at that photo would mean that the shape of the river has changed a great deal…..for a start there is now a massive hole just in front of where that picture was taken…..there is now a slight bend as well. Its a lot wider as well……..i wonder if some work was done to make it narrower at some point through the estate….i will have agander around and see what I can find!

EDIT:: If you go HERE you will see the picture a lot larger and you can see the bridge……im now positive that it is the bridge in the estate…..pretty intersting i think!