New Fishing Camera!!

So after hunting around for ages I finally found an ideal little fishing camera. It is a Mustek gSm@rt D35. My last fishing camera was another Mustek which was actually pretty pants but served me well for a couple of years. I didnt hear too many people complaining anyway. A fishing camera has to have […]

The Small Stream Dry Fly

Ah, Christmas and the dark nights are closing in again and it is time for good books. Whilst I seem to spend my time reading textbooks when I go to bed I like to read and dream about fishing…..this looks like a doozerThe Small Stream Dry Fly

Synopsis . In this book Lou Stevens presents […]

Fishing Widows

A couple of people asked me recently about what my partner thinks about my fishing all the time. I suppose the easy answer is that I dont fish all the time. The more complicated answer is that I fish when my partner is at work, she works shifts so I can head to the river […]

Plain weird!!!

Thought I would share my logs with you….this is one of the last ten searches that people have done to reach the blog

18/10/2004 05:31:02 n@ked girls (Google) 18/10/2004 05:28:48 fly-fishing for Barbel (Google) 18/10/2004 01:51:0 n@ked girls (Google) 18/10/2004 01:21:21 n@ked fishing girls (Google) 17/10/2004 21:32:28 river kelvin fishing (Google) 17/10/2004 19:21:57 national […]

Vision waders!!

Some of my long term readers will know about my problems with my Vision “Extreme” waders. You were with me at the begining…when I was all exited about getting them ….you were with me when they arrived and they were exactly one size too big. You were with me when I caught my biggest trout […]

Friends of the River Kelvin!!

So someone from the Friends of the River Kelvin left a messege in my guest book.

Friends of the River Kelvin – monthly clean-ups along various stretches of kelvin – first Saturday of month (except Jan) 10.30am (till 12.30pm …) all welcome. gloves, wellies, bags provided. Meet at FORK HQ: Ha’penny Bridge House, on the […]

leader thingy

Well, now here is a thingus that might be interesting.

That might mean that I could use a tapered leader without actually worrying about buggering it up……need to get a couple for next season I reckon. Worth trying anyway 🙂

To Rise a Trout!

I was asked the other day to recommend a good fly fishing book. I would recommend “To Rise a Trout”. It was in an old bookshop but I have found a copy on Amazon….To Rise a Trout Its is primarilly dedicated to fishing the dry fly. For those starting out or people who just want […]

Atlantic Salmon Zoom In @ National Geographic Magazine

Atlantic Salmon Zoom In @ National Geographic Magazine I was looking through these photographs by Paul Nicklen. Lovely the way they have been shot. Gander through the photographs and you come to pictures of 40lb Salmon resting in a pool in Quebec’s Causapscal River.

changing colours..Site update


Check out the updated site….. urban flyfishing

I think the style flows over much better now….When you go to the flow section the garscube stretch opens in a new window, so does the blog for that matter! Just go and test it out for me 🙂 Oh yea…..if you look at the little rollover […]

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