New Fishing Camera!!

So after hunting around for ages I finally found an ideal little fishing camera. It is a Mustek gSm@rt D35. My last fishing camera was another Mustek which was actually pretty pants but served me well for a couple of years. I didnt hear too many people complaining anyway.
A fishing camera has to have certain features. Its got to me small and its got to be cheap. This one also has a flash which my last one didnt and this one also has a viewscreen.
This is much better as before sometimes I missed the fish…..which was annoying….and damn its teensy
Its small enough to go around my neck and fit in my wader pouch (if I ever get them back) and cheap enough that if it gets dipped in water again and ruined I wont be devastated (much)
It also takes nice photos which is a plus 🙂
The pictures taken at Gartnaval in the last post were also taken by the Mustek gSm@rt D35 so you can see the quality is pretty good. As usuall though you get what you pay for…..I have taken some pretty pants photos with it as well……its like any new toy you have got to play about with it untill you can get it to perform at the optimal level.

I got mine off ebay for a song…….second hand but had been used very little……it comes with 16mb built in but this can be expanded using mmc or SD cards…..takes two AAA batteries….its best Ive found to use Rechargable batteries anyway

Like I said I got mine off ebay but if you would rather get a brand spanking new one you can get one from Amazon… can click the picture below
Mustek gSm@rt D35