Fishing on the Telly

I was sitting eating my breakfast in the morining drinking my tea watching the usuall morning fishing shows on home n leasure. I quite like fishing shows that are a bit “different” even a bit odd or quirky and Jungle Hooks fits that bill.

Join Jeremy Wade in the Amazon jungle, as he tries to hook the world’s largest freshwater fish – the legendary arapaima.
jeremy wade
Jeremy Wade>>>>> a REAL man!!!

Will he be successful? Forget fishing as a sedate sport when Jeremy is around. Renowned as an expert in catching, and hunting, some of the world’s largest and rarest sea creatures, Jeremy took to the Amazon in a some what epic journey to find a legendary freshwater species, but on the way encountered just as much excitement and drama away from the riverbank.

Class……in todays programme he went in a small plane to try and find a lake that holds the legendary arapaima. They were flying for a while and it was the usuall shot of someone shooting the scenery as they fly along……the voice over says…….”…and then disaster struck” the plane starts making a funny noise and everyone looks panicky… start thinking that any minute they will land and the trip will be called off……but no the plane crashed in the jungle instead……so you see all these guys hugging each other glad to be alive…….you think to yourself “now this is a fishing show”

For a preview of the show click here……you gotta have realplayer installed though!!