The Canal

So seeing as how I did not get a chance to go for Grayling today I managed to get down to the canal for a few hours in pursuit of Pike….


I was actually suprised by the number of anglers out at the canal today. We met about …………..5 or 6 guys.One of them was fishing deadbait and caught a little jack whilst we were there. I caught a little jack at around a pound and the guy I was with caught a couple.
You know, fishing deadbait is something that has not really interested me but today when I was thinking about it……..well it might be worth a try to catch one of those really big Pike I hear so much about.
I have actually been thinking about trying to catch the Pike on the fly……in fact there are some slow deep weedy parts of the Kelvin…..
slow weedy
…that I think would be good fishing for pike with the fly……
slow weedy 2

Its actually part of the kelvin that I have not paid much attention. It takes an age to get to….you have to walk for miles so you dont see many folk. I think I will do well fishing the dry fly their next year. Why? because I have seen a good few trout rising their in the past…it will be tricky but its worth a shot 🙂