The blues…..and its only November!!

So Im trawling through University work just now. I have two major essays to do that have to be in within a few weeks and they are hard ones. Was sitting in class today when I began to think about the amount of time that I have got before I can actually cast a dry fly again…..Looking back my diary it looks as if I can start thinking about dry flies around the end of march.
I had a little chinwag with someone from the Kelvin Angling Association and they tell me that they are proposing to make the vet school stretch right down to the bridge at Dawsholm park fly only. Now, if they did this…..and made it catch and release they would be on to something. Within a few seasons that stretch would be teaming with fish and people would actually want to take up the fly to fish their. Bonus!!!
I would also head down there with my trusting garden shears and cut some of the weed that grows so that some more of the water woudl be fishable with the fly…..Would move boulders etc to make nice new runs etc.

The place would be HOT

We shall see!!