Gartnaval pond=Binghams Pond

You might remmember a couple of posts ago I spoke about the pond at Gartnaval…well I found out a little more info from here

Bingham’s pond was built at Gartnavel in the early 1880s on the site of old brick and coal pits. Popular skating and boating activities were run by three generations of the Bingham family, with tea rooms established in the c.1885 clubhouse.
Glasgow Corporation tried to acquire the site in 1956, but it was sold for redevelopment. Various schemes were mooted in the late 1960s, and eventually the easterly third of the pond was filled in to allow Reo Stakis to build a five-story hotel. The remainder of the site was donated to the Corporation for use as a public park

Anyway, I was going to go for Grayling today but had lots of stuff to do so have decided to just go down to the local canal and have a bash for Pike.

Ta ta!!

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