The Small Stream Dry Fly

Ah, Christmas and the dark nights are closing in again and it is time for good books. Whilst I seem to spend my time reading textbooks when I go to bed I like to read and dream about fishing…..this looks like a doozerThe Small Stream Dry Fly

. In this book Lou Stevens presents a new and radical approach to fishing the dry fly on a wide variety of small streams. Whether you are fishing the dry fly on chalk streams, hillstreams, brooks or moorland streams, the theory is the same. However, the tactics used vary enormously from one type of water to another. The dry fly is now widely accepted for use on almost all types of water, but the chalk stream technique has had to be extensively modified to achieve good results. Lou Stevens describes the techniques required and introduces the reader to the ‘Change of Pace Zones’. He goes on to describe the variations of tactics that are necessary to exploit such zones. The book introduces the reader to a number of little known tactical flies. These are described in detail and include the flies needed to practise the radical ‘damp fly’ approach. For many fisherman there is something utterly delightful and intriguing in taking a trout on a dry fly, especially a fly that has been tied (and perhaps evolved) by the angler personally. The Small Stream Dry Fly with its clear diagrams, informative text and colour photographs will help the reader to develop new techniques and hopefully catch more fish.

It may be my next buy…or on my crimbo list 🙂