Goodies from the postman!!

So I phoned Guide the other day to find out what was happening with my waders. They told me that they have sent them on to the actual makers to find out what went wrong and were going to send me a new pair. When i asked a timescale they informed me as I had been put to so much inconvenience they were going to give me a spanking pair of “vision endurance” waders. A model up from my extremes. HAH….The Kelvin was far to “extreme” for vision ….obviously they understood that I would need something to “endure” the POWER of the Kelvin!!
All in all a fantastic result……I’m not really one to complain about companies… fact I am I moan about them all the time when they annoy me. I loathe the shoddy service that people get from big businesses. Its not as if I am a bad customer… I am a model customer….I was careful as ANYTHING with my waders but they still buggered up.
So I was all ready to go crazy and say Guide were shengus …but instead I am grudgingly saying they are great….instead of losing a customer they are keeping a customer. In fact probably have got me as a future customer.
new waders
Once I had tried them on I thought they were a little big actually, but I got my personal fashion advisor to check me out and she said they were fine. They are different material as well…..for a start they are greener but they also feel a bit thinner than the extremes…..strange isnt it. And the main thing is that they have the stockingfoot seals taped to avoid leakage…. fantastic.
I also got my new 6 foot 3 weight (4 piece) rod today……..will update with pictures possibly tommorow!!


  1. mick · November 3, 2004

    hello alastair.
    where did you purchase the rod?

  2. alistair · November 3, 2004

    Go it from a company in the states……called Damon rods. I know another couple of readers have got them as well.
    Im actuallu considering using it for all my Kelvin work……unless I can get my hands on one of those Bamboo rods that I have heard so much about :))

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