Fishing Widows

A couple of people asked me recently about what my partner thinks about my fishing all the time. I suppose the easy answer is that I dont fish all the time. The more complicated answer is that I fish when my partner is at work, she works shifts so I can head to the river for a few hours and still be back in time for her coming home from work. Easy peasy.
I suppose if i was the kind of guy that went to the pub every day then the situation would be different. As it is I think having a hobby like fly fishing is hardly damaging is it??. Now that I come to think about it the main problem is the amount of time i spend on the computer.
So the close season is upon me once more and the time has come to concentrate on Uni work and matters of relationships. Some of you may know that I am getting married nexy year…..we were going on honeymoon to New Zealand but seeing as how I have not passed my driving test exactly a year before we go that has now been changed to South Africa. Claire refused to ferry me about from flow to flow!!!! Ive been hunting around for some nice river fishing in South Africa and have come up with a few possibilities…
One of them is wild trout fly fishing on the upper Berg River..
berg river
Looks nice. I have emailed them so am waiting on a reply. It is about an hour from Cape Town. When I told my other half she did not look pleased……I have promised that I would teach her to fly fish next season…….ah yes a couple of trips/lessons down the Kelvin with a dry fly should sort her out.
She can carry the picnic!