n@ked girls…….classy!!

Damn, another Sunday and not going fishing. Back at University now so my fishing time has been severely curtailed. I wouldn’t mind so much if I was actually getting the chance to get out and go fishing but the weather has been crap which is putting the rivers in terrible condition….and well….you know the rest […]

Times Online – Sport

Times Online – Sport

If I had 20 bucks I would have went along and bought it…..oh hang on it was £20,000

Downgrading and destruction of Loch Lomond – The Herald

An interesting letter published in The Herald Downgrading and destruction of Loch Lomond – The Herald

Its a shame that Loch Lomond is being destroyed by speedboats and those jet skis. The last time I was at the Loch it was nasty…I wasnt fishing just sitting enjoying the sunshine and peace when “VoooOOOOOOOOOOOOSHHH”


Bob Wyatts Book!

So Bob Wyatts book is finally out. he writes a good yarn in Fly Fishing and Fly Tying magazine and has some cracking insights into fishing the fly. I enjoy reading his artcles in FFFT magazine and it was one of his paterns for the Grey Duster that I use most! Click on the picture […]

Camera busted!!

Damn and blast. Like I said the other day about my dinky camera…it got dipped in the water whilst I was wading deep….but I thought I would let it dry out and maybe , just maybe it would be ok. Well, today I found it on top of the fridge with the lense cracked and […]

A nice orchid

Here is a nice Sri Lankan orchid!!

Yaergh….now its the boots!!

Right……so I have a few weeks left to the end of the season and one of the felt soles is coming off my boot. Usually I would complain bitterly but I was actually warned about this happening if I did not hose down the boots instead of letting dirt bulid up in the felt. Anyway, […]

Small Stream in spate

Added some small stream spate pictures to my new gallery. Here is one: Click the picture to go to the main small stream spate gallery. Not sure how long it will be up for!

Added small stream photos

I think I fixed all the links……have added small stream photos to gallery, better layout.

phew…new gallery

Right, I have spent the last couple of hours setting up my new photo gallery. It can be found HERE There is not much exitement going on though so dont get disapointed…..over the next couple of days i will add in more photos. I decided I didnt like coppermine (for all you geeks out there) […]

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