River Carron

I passed by the River carron the other day, i quite fancy giving it a little shot. I have two choices. 1 get a lift or 2 get public transport there. iether way i need someone to give me a hand with directions.

Fly Tying and wasps

Ive been frantically writing an essay today, its due in next week. My whole day was planned around this and going to a fly tying demonstration by charles jardine tonight at the polish club in Glasgow. Anyway, it was damned lucky I looked up the address again as it turns out its actually going to be tommorow night its on.

Have a wee gander at that Charles Jardine site….lucky old so and so charles jardine lucky bastard
Imagine having a job that was as good as that!

I was attacked by a wasp in my flat today…..Spring is on the way and so is my irratonal fear of wasps that they will somehow kill me……I need to keep the whole damn thing in perspective
wasp in reality

Falkirk Wheel

Went for a gander at Airth castle as that is where i reckon we will be getting married in 2005. On the way back we stopped off at the falkirk wheel

In case you dont know what it is :

The Falkirk Wheel boat lift is an exceptional feat of modern engineering and is already being recognised as an inspirational sculpture for the 21st Century.

Designed to reconnect the Forth & Clyde and Union Canals and sited in a natural open amphitheatre at Rough Castle near Falkirk, this remarkable and elegant mechanical marvel is the only rotating boat lift in the world and truly one of a kind.

Truly amazing close up
me and the wheel

damn big it is too
falkirk wheel

Its one of those things that untill you see it up close you dont realise just what a feat of engineering it is. Were going to go back as it was very windy so we didnt go on the boat that actually would take us around!!

Passed by a bit of the Kelvin in Kirki seen what looked like anice stretch running through a park, made a mental note to visit at some point.

Imported old blog

I have managed to import the old posts!

First Day of the Season is upun us!!

Well here we are the first day of the season, It is still pouring down outside and I am totally and utterly unprepared. i do not have my new manly waders and i do not know when i shall be getting them. Once more i curse Glasgow fishing shops.

I want to see what this does

Hmmmmm interesting!!

Will I go fishing in the morning!!

I was seriously considering going out tommorow for a couple of hours but to be honest i doubt I will manage. The rain at the moment is absolutley bucketing down and I have got 3 essays due very very soon. Anyway, I still have not got my new manly waders
new manly vision extreme waders With a bit of luck I will be getting them in the next week or so. Hopefully will have them !!

Why I decided to change the blog!!

Well, I got myself some dedicated hosting for my little site, for only a tenner a year……one of the benefits is that I get LOTS of webspace and am able to install a proper blog actually on the site. Anyway, the old blog is still in place untill I can find a way to back up the whole thing and then put it on my hosts site. Will take me a while I reckon. The other reason is that my girlfriends space was running out for pictures, and I really need that space for storing other stuff like essays n stuff.

this is a test post

I knew it was bad when the instructions got wet


We were lost, with a compass , which we didnt know how to use……That is why i fish in an urban environment!

This is a TEST post!!


Should I go out the first day of the season?

fly box

Here is my dry flies…

Like i said Highlander gave me this::

Im keeping my spiders and my new nymphs in it :))

Hmmmmm…..they are crap photos actually, ah well….I was trying to make the load times a bit easier!!!

I need waders!!! badly!!!