A Convert!!

A convert to the wonder of the kelvin over here
Thats the thing about the Kelvin, people dont notice it for years and when they do……..its amazing…its like a whole new world.
Just wait untill he sees an otter πŸ™‚

The “penis” fly

Well here we have the penis fly
penis fly
Do you think that it will catch fish on the Kelvin?

Check out rasmus hansens site

Trout ‘n’ About

You might remember last week I spoke about that telly programme. Well it is called Trout ‘n’ About and here is the blurb i promised

Meet Paul and Greg – characters with attitude, passion and irreverence and one thing on their minds – trout. Finding them, catching them, eating them.

Fly fishing, the sport of kings and Romans, the love of Vikings and painters. The passion of poets, politicians, actors, musicians, butchers, bakers and candlestick makers…and the most popular participant sport in the UK.

Through six themed programmes, musician Paul Campion and Artist Gregory Rankin journey into the heart of rural Scotland, fishing rods and flies at the ready. Re-thinking the personality-led rural affairs/cookery/travel genre for a new audience, the pair explode the myth that fishing is just a lot of long wet hours on a bank with nought to show for it come the end of the day. In between the hours on the river, we learn all we need to know about the humble trout, meet enthusiasts from punters to celebrities and finish the day with the catch-turned culinary delight all cooked up in the local hostelry.
Trout ‘n’ About will transmit across Scotland in July 2004.

So there you have it!!


Went for a wander from Milngavie back along the Allander to where it joins the Kelvin today. A very nice walk. Im always wondering whether its worth casting a fly here…

Well, I know it will be worth it , but it is a fair old treck to get to these parts….

fair old treck
What you dont see is some of the rubbish that has drifted down over the years…….
Look at this photo, reminds me of that awful windows xp desktop…..although this is nice πŸ™‚

I love the clouds at this time of year, they just look so vivid at this time of year!!!! dont you think?

Filming……on Location ;) trout n about

A while ago I recieved a very nice email from a bloke called Paul Campion from ac acoustics
here he is …..the one with the cool glasses and the wings out his head paul campion
Anyway, we met up in a pub and he told me all about making a new telly show all about fly fishing……… most people are aware I cannot handle my drink so he could have asked me to run naked down Argyle street and i would have said Ill think about it.
Anyway, before I knew what was happening, I had agreed to be in the show. Driven by Pauls obvious enthusiasm…….anyone who is that passionate about fishing, especially fly fishing must be ok in my book.

So today was the filming, arrived early to scout out the water, it had been looking pretty grim the last couple of days…..but today rejoice rejoice the weather turned good and there was good hatches on the water……..Bob Wyatt was with us as well….he writes for fly fishing and fly tying magazine, a guy called Colin who is a biologist from Stirling Uni, and the presenters Greg and Paul…..and a camera crew and a director.
bob wyatt
Thats Bob Wyatt.
There is Colin..
paul n cameras
and that is Paul and the camera crew.
I didnt get a picture of Greg though…

It was all very exititing…..also nerve wracking. No way i was going to be first to humiliate myself with slopping casting…..not in front of the cameras anyway……so i buggered off around the corner for a bit…had a couple of plucks but nothing stayed on. Anyway, i didnt have my new waders, but I had on my lucky green wellies so that was ok.

Colin dived in their first , casting away at the first couple of rises….damn brave I thought, no way was I going to go first….I mightve fallen in knowing my luck.
Later came my turn, Claire said I couldnt have a drink of wine at 9am in the morning to settle my nerves (spoilsport) but everything went well…..although i do remember blinking alot.

All in all , it all seemed to go well, we caught nowt……well thats not true, Colin caught a little smolt and a couple of small brownies…the rest of us including bob caught nowt…although he did have the best bash at it.
Greg managed to steal some flies off Bob and I got Paul to ask him for me……i was going to steal his box and run away but Paul knows my address. Woulda split them 50/50 though.

The show will be on in June/ July time and is called “Trout ‘n’ About”………later I will put up some of the blurb about the show…possibly.
If they leave what I said in and I sound like a numpty, its because they edited it that way!! πŸ™‚

Seen some nice trees as well!


Here is a nice tree::
I dunno, there is something i LOVE about trees at this time of the year. Something kinda scary even. Its the way they look as if they are ready to just burst into life. There are more leaves around just now….Been raining a couple of days now so the river is pretty cloudy!!

A site I noticed!!

Ken from The Draggin’Fly Chronicles left a messege and posted on my blog the other day. I had a wee gander around his site and found a cracking philosophy

Rule 1: Always start fishing with a dry fly

Rule 2: Never fish a fly larger than size 12

Rule 3: Cast at every rise and continue until the fish is either hooked, spooked or put down

Rule 3a: A fish is deemed spooked only if the bow wave or fleeing fish is seen

Rule 3b: The only valid reason for putting down the fish is snagging ones last remaining dry fly irretrievably in branches above the rise.

Rule 3c: If the angler is likely to be in a life threatening situation for arriving home late AND is at least one hour late returning home AND is within 20 yards of the end of the beat then it is permissible to cease casting at the rise.

Rule 4: The angler may only change to a nymph after at least one hour of fishing the dry fly if no rise has been seen.

Rule 5: Never cast more than 20 feet of fly line. However any length of leader is permitted.

Class, sheer class!!!

Rain, worse this time!!

I look out the window. It is pouring with rain.It has been raining on and off the last couple of days….look at this bump..

There was a pic of the water level here

It can only get higher!!


Its raining……therefore there is a high probability of raging brown torrentness
There was a pic of the water level here

See that bump…..that could get worse that could!!….or better….you know what i mean!!

Furled leader

Furled leader arrived yesterday, and im having a play about with it and reading the instructions. I have to apply a short lengh of line to the furled leader as an extender to attach the actual tippet to. Sounds fair enough! But I have been having a little problem here. I was having a little practise to make sure that it was all going well and my clich knot seems pretty weak. I was using 4lb mono and using that improved clich knot……this is taken from Fly Anglers online
clinch knot improved
When i gave it a good pull, it always snapped at the knot. I dont know whether it is my actual knot or whether its my line….over a season old…but something isnt right somewhere.!!