More holiday photos!!!

HA!!!! you didnt think you were going to get away THAT easilly did you with a couple of pictures of trees. Well here is the worst case of vanity publishing ever…
Yes, thats me with a crocodile….a baby one….and here is another one of me…..on the beach…….in ma Kilt!!!
One of the touts on the beach said myself and the other two guys looked like Kings They had only ever seen people in Kilts on the telly. Nearly made up for lugging the thing thousands of miles!! (almost)
kilt on beach

AAaaaaaahhhhhh Lovely Sri Lankin sunset

Today I bought some Angling Glue……..I have a plan as to how to attach my braided leader to my fly line……essentially Im going to glue it on. If it works I shall post a photo tommorow….if not I will post a humorous photo of myself with my fingers stuck together.

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