I suppose I suppose!!!

So a while ago ……like a good few weeks ago I made plans with a couple of friends to go for a days fishing today. As usuall like the best made plans we did not take into account the weather. It was pouring with rain….in fact it has been raining the last few days so the rivers we were planning to fish were …..well…unfishable.
I was gagging to try out the flys I had tied. Spurned on by Roy Christie’s article in this months “Trout and Salmon” I was having a go at his “easy peasy upside down dun”……damn….it looked easy and he made it sound easy….in the end I had a number of attempts before I got one looking half decent…(if you laugh I will break your legs…im a NOVICE fly tyer ok)
usd dun
Anyway, I had tied up a few and allso managed to make a pretty simple connection between my fly line and a braided leader that I bought.
Ive been on a constant lookout for a simple way to connect it without using the braided loop thingus as it is too bulky. A friend advised mt to whip it on and then use a spot of glue to fix it, and this is basically what I did….but without using and whipping thread…just the glue.
It ends up like this
braided leader
Looks pretty neat huh??
I used special “anglin glue”…..I went over the procedure in the shop and that was what he recommended I do. It seems a little stiff …..but is MUCH better than what I was using before…..to aid presentation I was using one of those floating polyleaders……which seemed ok but the bulky connection seemed to drag the tip of my fly line underwater which was annoying……well it was ok in calm water but if I was casting with a dry fly into some choppy water at the head of a pool…..(where I catch the most fish) then the sinking thing was happening.
Which was annoying!!!!
Ive not been fishing in ages now….I thought it was around a month but it has been…..damn close to a month actually….that is far too long to go without doing any fishing….it hurts the soul!!!


  1. Moze · September 19, 2004

    Nice tie.

    I’ve never used a braided leader, and I’m not sure I could be convinced to do so. I use a mono butt section, a nail knot at the fly line and a blood knot at the leader.



  2. Alberto · September 19, 2004

    Well it is your freind here not a bad effort.
    It is stiff I suspect because you have super glued to much
    of it. My advice would have been to push on say 3/8ths
    inch of tubing which comes with it up and just over the
    loose ends of the braid with the smallest drop of super
    glue underneath to hold it there. That would be fine for
    what you encounter on the Kelvin and Clyde, but for added
    security about a half inch from the line end whip on a small
    amount of thread by just spinning the bobbin around it, say
    an 1/8th inch worth then cover this very small bit with
    super glue and finish

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