Niiiiiiiiiiiiiice Trees!!!

It is time to bore you with some holiday photees.
I returned home today to pouring rain and windy weather. As I flew over Glasgow I could see that the rivers are muddy and could see large puddles on the golf courses. RAH!!!
Here is a picture of myself standing next to an Elephant tree, so called as the base looks like the shape of an elephants footstep.
elephant tree

Now this once I cannot mind what it is called….i think it was something with the word jasmine in it…i will find out and tell you if you are really interested….
tree, cant mind

It was absolutely massive. It was almost like a few trees that had joined up as it seemed to have 3-4 trunks……here is my brother n law and myself standing next to one…
me n gordo

Highly impressive……I will put up some pictures of smellyphants later!!

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  1. Brother-in-Law · September 13, 2004

    Knew you’d never remember what it’s called – it’s a Benjamina which
    is a relative of the Fig tree. (Always useful to take a smart Alec
    on holiday with you!)

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