Trout at Ten Thousand Feet

So Im reading Trout at Ten Thousand Feet at the moment. Highly entertaining…

John Bailey has travelled all the world’s continents in pursuit of fish. His extraordinary adventures have taken him to the most remote and inhospitable parts of the globe as well as those more familiar areas much closer to home. He has encountered espionage, death threats, and even a plane crash, as well an immense variety of fish and a collection of assorted characters from around the world, many of which he is proud to call true friends. Trout at Ten Thousand Feet is a collection of John Bailey’s remarkable and hugely entertaining fishing tales that reflect a lifetime’s passion for fishing. This exciting, adventurous and often humorous book brilliantly captures the essential magic and mystery of angling – from anchovy to zander. Laced with witty and apposite line illustrations throughout, the book is a fascinating and compelling read, and the perfect gift for any fisherman.

Class….sheer class!!


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  1. jason · September 17, 2004

    That one has been on my Future Reads List for quite some time now. Maybe I’ll have to promote it to the short list.

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