Grizzly Neck!!

So I went to check out the new “Glasgow Angling Centre” down in port dundas today. Now, everyone knows I moan about the original GAC being too big and being like a fishing stuff tesco but the new shop….
makes the old shop look like a cosy corner shop by comparison. It is like going into a cash n carry superstore……it even has a little place with tables where you can sit down after a strenuous time browsing the Hardy rods…or possibly to leave the old ball n chain if she goes with you….no cafe however, it has some vending machines thank goodness ………real men vend!!!!!
Anyway, as much as I slag the place off I have to grudgingly say that it has got a fantastic range of fly tying materials and fishing stuff in general. So I stood for a while waving a Hardy rod about trying to look casual ….the old ball n chain was with me as well and insisted on embaressing me any time someone walked by…

#walk past bivy tents#
“those tenty things… you sit in one of them?”

#looking at fly tying materials#
“whats that stuff for… you actually know how to use that?”

“OOoohhhhhh look at that sparkly stuff…you could make some nice flies out of that”

– people titter all around

Im still dreading the day I am paying by switch and someone says” oh your the bloke with the website…..bugger off out our shop ya bam!!”

I did treat myself to a fair amount of fly tying materials as well as a nice Grizzly Neck..
grizzly neck

…….which I will be using the next few days to tie up some of those usd duns!!

Oh as a side note, you may have noticed that the photo gallery is gone. That is because I am putting a new one in place so at some point you may find all the photos on the blog disapear……well some of them anyway…just for a day or so!!

Ta ta!!

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  1. Web Gecko · September 20, 2004

    Hi! We have got to swap materials and flies! I’ve bookmarked your site. Want to come back in when I can have a lazy slow read, maybe this weekend. I live in Colorado USA, and the majority of fishing here, except during a PMD (you call them Pale Wateries) or Green drake hatch.. we mostly fish 18-26 flies. Caught my two biggest fish on a #24 trico. One went 32″ about a 5 pound brown, the other was in skinny water, a 16.5″ wild brookie, largest fish I ever took in the mountain stream where I sneak away to.

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