Just for fun I entered myself into the OSSCAS competition . = Organic Shadows SITE CONTENT Awards.

Here is a little blurb

There are so many competitions going on around the place that are focussed on design and layout that we thought it might be a good idea to do a backflip, twist to the left and jump down the road of content as opposed to design.

So without further ado, we present the Organic Shadows SITE CONTENT Awards, hereby known as the OSSCAS

What the F$CK we hear you say….

Yes that’s right, we are only interested in content. This may include images of course because some content is hinged on graphical inclusion, but how it is presented does not interest us one iota.

Lets face facts, I pretty much knew I was never going to win any awards for design……yes, yes very droll I can hear you muttering about the crap content as well but seeing as how I have the only actuall fly fishing diary/blog in the competition I may win something by default!!

The winners are announced towards the end of the week.

A poem I remember !

‘Visiting Hour’
by Norman McCaig

The hospital smell
combs my nostrils
as they go bobbing along
green and yellow corridors.

What seems a corpse
is trundled into a lift and vanishes

I will not feel, I will not
feel, until
I have to.

Nurses walk lightly, swiftly,
here and up and down and there,
their slender waists miraculously
carrying their burden
of so much pain, so
many deaths, their eyes
still clear after
so many farewells.

Ward 7. She lies
in a white cave of forgetfulness.
A withered hand
trembles on its stalk. Eyes move
behind eyelids too heavy
to raise. Into an arm wasted
of colour a glass fang is fixed,
not guzzling but giving.
And between her and me
distance shrinks till there is none left
but the distance of pain that neither she nor I
can cross.

She smiles a little at this
black figure in her white cave
who clumsily rises
in the round swimming waves of a bell
and dizzily goes off, growing fainter,
not smaller, leaving behind only
books that will not be read
and fruitless fruits.

Who to vote for? 2

I have found a Tory stance on angling……..youwill need the pdf acrobat reader

Using IE ?getting a funny error messege?

If you are using IE and are getting this messege

a runtime error has occured
Do you wish to debug?
error:’google ad client’ is null or not an an object”

It is not a problem with the blog it is in fact a problem with Explorer. I use firefox so never noticed it. To fix it you need to go to Internet Options > Advanced and change “Disable Script debugging” box!

Me and a Sheep

For no other reason than not actually having a reason here is a picture of me and a sheep

Who to vote for?

In case the UK readers have not noticed there is a general election coming up pretty soon. It throws up many questions about who to vote for. In the past I would probably have voted for the green party but after their pretty intense …and I can only call in anti angling manifesto I do not think it will be them

The Green Party is concerned about the damage caused to wildlife by carelessly discarded fishing tackle and the costs involved in cleaning it up. It is believed that this can best be tackled through ensuring a level of competency and knowledge prior to being permitted to engage legally in angling.

Pretty heavy stuff huh….you should read the rest.
Now compare that to the new labour “Charter for Angling” which a full copy can be found of in many places including Anglers Net
Here is a little extract

Angling is a well-regulated, lawful and responsible pastime which delivers huge benefits to society as a whole. It enjoys according to recent E.A. surveys, the support of over 75% of the UK population with only 5% considering angling to be an unacceptable activity. However, it is important that anglers and angling receive proper legal protection from those who seek to disrupt or destroy their sport.

The greatest threat to angling is from the destruction of the aquatic environment through loss of habitat, pollution or excessive abstraction or water. However, there does exist a tiny minority of animal rights extremists who have on occasions sought to disrupt angling events and competitions. Their threat to angling has been grossly overstated by the supporters of hunting in particular, who clearly wish to enlist the help of anglers in seeking to overturn the ban on hunting passed by Parliament last year.

I like it………..i LIKE it!!! apart from that hunting bit….but I suppose they had to get that in.

I shall now let you make up your minds……..would be nice to hear your thoughts though……….especially if you know anything about the tory or liberal democrats policy 🙂

Consciousness: That annoying time between naps.

At the moment I could honestly say that when I am sleeping it is the only time I am truly happy. I was kinda hoping to head down to another river in the morning but to be honest things do not look good with the rain pouring down. Bring back the Winter………… seemed more like Summer!!

New Guestbook entry!!

I recieved this messege in my guestbook so thought I would share it!!

Nigel Simmonds

Hi I lived in Glasgow from 2001 -2003 and had the most amazing capture in the Kelvin just below the yorkhill old mill
fisheding at night 11pm (middle of the river wading)saw a salmon leap and hooked it river was very high and in spate. played salmon almost out but didnt have a net so tried to edge it back to the bank. It dropped down a fast run into the next pool then i saw it come to the surface with what i thought was weed on its head. Next thing i knew it roared off downstream. I coulnt hold it so charged down through the big pool and right down under the bridge Imust have fought it for 25 mins and couldnt believe the power. Then the direction changed and it was pulling towards the bank I started finally geting closer and thought it must have jumped on to the bank. When i got close enough to see it to my amazment an otter held my salmon in its mouth it dropped my slamon and left me with a slightly marked 8lb salmon and my most memorable fishing capture yet.
An article was published in the daily record a month or so later


Trout from Small Streams

Just what I need……..another fantastic looking book I want to buy but cannot afford!


Dave Hughes covers all aspects of fly-fishing for trout in small streams. He describes how fishing is different on mountain, freestone, and meadow streams and how to develop skills for each. He covers the gear, including what to put in a small stream fly box. Hughes’ advice on casting technique is especially useful because trees and brush often require different kinds of casts for small streams.


“My Biggest worry is that when I’m dead and gone, my wife will sell my fishing gear for what I said I paid for it.” – Koos Brandt

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