Consciousness: That annoying time between naps.

At the moment I could honestly say that when I am sleeping it is the only time I am truly happy. I was kinda hoping to head down to another river in the morning but to be honest things do not look good with the rain pouring down. Bring back the Winter………… seemed more like Summer!!

New Guestbook entry!!

I recieved this messege in my guestbook so thought I would share it!!

Nigel Simmonds

Hi I lived in Glasgow from 2001 -2003 and had the most amazing capture in the Kelvin just below the yorkhill old mill
fisheding at night 11pm (middle of the river wading)saw a salmon leap and hooked it river was very high and in spate. played salmon almost out but didnt have a net so tried to edge it back to the bank. It dropped down a fast run into the next pool then i saw it come to the surface with what i thought was weed on its head. Next thing i knew it roared off downstream. I coulnt hold it so charged down through the big pool and right down under the bridge Imust have fought it for 25 mins and couldnt believe the power. Then the direction changed and it was pulling towards the bank I started finally geting closer and thought it must have jumped on to the bank. When i got close enough to see it to my amazment an otter held my salmon in its mouth it dropped my slamon and left me with a slightly marked 8lb salmon and my most memorable fishing capture yet.
An article was published in the daily record a month or so later


Trout from Small Streams

Just what I need……..another fantastic looking book I want to buy but cannot afford!


Dave Hughes covers all aspects of fly-fishing for trout in small streams. He describes how fishing is different on mountain, freestone, and meadow streams and how to develop skills for each. He covers the gear, including what to put in a small stream fly box. Hughes’ advice on casting technique is especially useful because trees and brush often require different kinds of casts for small streams.


“My Biggest worry is that when I’m dead and gone, my wife will sell my fishing gear for what I said I paid for it.” – Koos Brandt

Full of hope!!!

So woke up today full of hope. The sky was blue (it was forecast for rain) and there was no rain (it was forecast for rain).
Got picked up by my fishing partner and we headed down to another river for a spot of early season dry fly action.
We got there and usually it is very very windy… it was quite calm……there was some flies on the water and a couple of fish rising. They did not take my flies!! Used some of Roy Christies upside down duns and one of my own Klinkhammers!
In fact it was a very hard days fishing all around… fishing partner got 2…..landed one! Missed plenty!!
The first one he lost I had the camera out to take a picture of the trout……..which obviously put a hex on the whole situation..
I missed a few, hooked one that jumped clean out the water and was off when it hit the water!

I allso fell in!……nothing too serious…not a scary close to drowning moment more of a “eak im all wet” situation. It left my hoody arms soaking wet and a nice large amount of water managed to get down th efront of my chest waders ….. wheeeeeee what fun !! 🙂

Countryside staff warned as big cat is sighted in Glasgow

Around 11 years ago I worked in a nursing home at the “top” of Clydebank…..Duntocher, just next to Faifley (sp). I used to get a bus from my flat to Duntocher and then a minibus would come down from the Nursing home and pick me up to take me and the rest of the staff up to the actual nursing home. The minibus would go up a long and twisty road (Cochno Road) which went by some open fields and farms until it seemed that you were on the top of Glasgow. I remember how clear the Hale Bopp comet seemed up there as it was so clear and seemed so far away from the hub bub of the city down below.
On some summer days I liked to walk up the long road as each step it seemed would take me further and further away from the smoke of the city (although at that time i smoked but you know what I mean). Anyway on one of these days I looked over at one of the fields and noticed a horse galloping in what seemed like panic away from…….now I can only describe it as a “big cat” as there was no way it was a dog…….it looked more feline! After a few moments it was gone over the edge of a hill and I was left wondering what it was that I had seen. Over time there has been more and more “big cat” sightings in Glasgow and all over the UK and I have often wondered about how many of these “big cats” there are actually around……..I think there are more than what people realise….

Countryside staff warned as big cat is sighted in Glasgow

COUNTRYSIDE rangers have been warned to be on the alert after big cat sightings in a park in Scotland’s largest city.
Two separate reports of a “panther-type” animal were logged over 48 hours by Glasgow City Council officials for the municipal golf course at Linn Park, which borders Muirend, Netherlee, Croftfoot and Castlemilk.

First outing….first fish!!

So there I was out for a jog…I have a little route that takes me up along the canal and then cuts back along the Kelvin walkway………….dodged a new burnt out car on the pathway…..was agahst at another new burnt out car actaully in one of the pools in dawsholm park and then headed back up the road. The river was in ok condition……..bugger it I thought “Im going fishing”

Got my gear out headed up for my first visit to the vet school…..might as well before the place gets busy. Put on a little searching dry fly first had a few experimental casts….Nothing….wander up a bit…nothing. Put on a wet….search a pool…nothing….wander about a bit more….nothing. Im going to blank!!
As usuall appaled at the litter
Im telling you if this place was fly only that wouldnt happen…
Anyway, wander about for a bit….I notice a rise on the other side of the river……or was it a bird shitting in the water??? I watch….cant see any birds flying away…..cant see any flies for that matter…..walk on……on the other side of teh bif main pool I see a fish rising. Try to cast to it but it is out of reach. Head over to other side of river………tricky casting as there are trees to iether side of me……….Im fairly exited by this point……there around 4-5 trout rising to olives on the water……big flies that look juicy. They are pretty close to me about 3#4 yards out and in a space around 4 yards square. They are fairly supping those flies down……shaking now!!
I cast…….cast again…….fly drifts…… rises…strike…miss……….cast….drift…..cast….. drift……..cast….fish rises… strike… on……..pump pump underwater……….fish off…..damn (or words to that effect)….cast…….fish rises…fish on………stays one!!! Lovely little brownie…………..photee?? nah slip back in quickly……….cast again……again……again……… fairly rising quickly………….fish on…………whoooeee a pretty nice fish……….damned nice fish actually…………around the 3/4 pound mark…..big and fat…..eatable?? nah why kill a fish from the Kelvin………there are few enough fish as there is !!! Consider taking photee but decide against it….new camera in pocket……….I think I would rather savour the memory of this first visit out 🙂




Eyelash Creatures….

Found this interesting
eyelash creature
Creatures living in your eyes….swimming about…eating.UGH!!!!

Rain and muddy water

I might have known. I have had a good few people email me to say that they did exceptionally well at the weekend, great hatches of flies and when I eventually get my ass into gear today this is what i find
muddy water
Thats right, the water is the colour of mud and up about 3 feet over usuall. But aha, the Gods were not against me as I did not have my fishing gear with me I was just out for a walk, so at least I was not all ready to go as it were 🙂

Went for a walk, still seen some flies on the water, well that is not strictly true….I seen one fly.
There is always tommorow

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