Last minute fishing!!!

Sometimes last minute fishing trips can be quite good, anything can happen, you can turn up and there is a lovely hatch or you are there just at that point when the trout just seem to want to eat just about any old fly (generally any old fly is the one I use anyway). The water could be at just the correct height and the wind not too bad. This is why when I got a phone call to ask if I fancied a bit of last minute tributary fishing I said yes.

It was in fact miserable, it rained was windy and we caught nothing.

To cap it off my friends waders leaked which at least gave us a comedy moment even if he did call me an evil bastard for taking it.
waders hahaha

To cap it off I left my reel in his car, thats karma for ya!


  1. iain johnstone · October 3, 2005

    By any chance, was the leaky wader picture taken in the car park overlooked by the “Tickled Trout” restaurant? If so, I witnessed the incident (from inside the “Trout” so to speak). My sons speculated if it had been a falling in incident, I went for the leak.

  2. Alistair · October 3, 2005

    Now that is pretty impressive, it just goes ti show you doesnt it what a small world we live in šŸ™‚

  3. Iain Johnstone · October 3, 2005

    Quite a co-incidence indeed. I found your website from a link in the October News section of Fishing the Leven web. I fish the Endrick when it has water, and keep an eye on the Leven site just for general Lomond system news. I followed the link to read the dead salmon story. Then I noticed the waders story. There was about a dozen of us in the Tickled Trout for my father-in-laws birthday. Typical family thing. Noticed the 2 of you returning to the car. My sons were interested in where you had been fishing. We had been looking for fish moving at the Tesco car park fish ladder earlier in the week. You can tell your mate we rolled off our seats when he took his waders off. It was his obvious disgust when he turned the things up-side-down and shook half the burn out of them.
    PS – had a 6lb fish off the Endrick near Fintry mid-week before that weekend. I use 10ft AFTM7 trout rod for salmon on the Endrick. You should give upper Kelvin or tributaries a try. Any small (Size 10) shrimp flies will do. Use 10lb leader and floating line. Fish accross and downstream on dangle. Keep moving and cover water – just like trout. Just don’t strike if you get a pull. Let it run a second then lift into it. Be prepared for bit of a struggle on a trout rod.

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