Getting the willies whilst fishing!

So I decided to do a spot of loch fishing as The Kelvin and its tributaries are completely out of action. I took a walk (a hike?) up into the Old Kilpatrick hills where there is a loch not owned by any club but has some small trout in it.
There was a small burn coming out of the loch that looked quite tasty actually but I decided to head up to the loch as that was my primary purpose. I was using my 10 foot rod with an intermediate 7 weight line
I had a few casts from the dam wall and got some interest from a couple of fish, I would swear one of them was a rather large Perch, both fish swirled at my fly but did not take it. The loch is quite small and knowing that there was a small inlet with a burn around the other side of the loch I headed over.
At this time of year I would expect there to be fish there as they will be thinking about spawning. I had to jump over the burn which was in spate and was rewarded with two small trout that fought hard!

Lovely looking trout, nice color but I thought they looked a bit thin?
I also gave myself the willies as when I was walking through some bushes suddenly the bushes in front of started to shake….I heard a low “Grrrrrrrr” and I hurriedly moved away….I then spent the next hour constantly looking over my shoulder for some kind of monster that would tear my head off and quite possibly eat me!!

I think it was a sheep!


  1. Mark · October 1, 2005

    Perch inhabit lochs and slow-moving rivers from sea level to 1,000 metres. In the summer they are often found near weeds, lilies or other good ambush points. In the winter they become less active and move to deeper water. Perch are widely distributed throughout much of Eurasia, but are non-native to Scotland. Nonetheless, they have been introduced to many Scottish lochs and slower rivers where they have rapidly multiplied, in some cases becoming pests.


  2. Mark · October 1, 2005

    To all,


    To the fox!


  3. Mark · October 1, 2005

    Guys ,

    Im looking to buy a book From the author Ron Greer called “The Aquatic Wolf From The Ice Age ”

    I have drifted into alot of major websites and they dont seem to have heard of it .

    Can any one directme to a retailer.

    Oh myself and my permit are off to the kelvin this evening il keep you all posetd with my luck.

    Tight lines .

  4. Mark · October 1, 2005

    Thanks for the links billy i think i will be buying a few things from the sites.

    I spent a few hrs on the kelvin and managed to tempt a single brownie on splitshot and maggot aprox 9oz, great fun.

    The river is really showing its bones and i had to try a few pools before i got any joy.

    Mind you seen a few people fishing it, however there seemed to be an increase in groups of drunk folks and strange people.(think il fish it with a buddy next time)

    Thanks M

  5. Gerald · October 1, 2005

    Hi guys I am looking for some help if you please. I used to fish years ago but even then had no clue really what I was doing! I am planning on doing some fishing up the OK hills fairly soon could someone answer some questions for me please?
    -Where is the easiest place to go?(ie minimal walking)
    -I used to use spinners, are these still suitable?
    -Will I be able to fish from the bank rather than a boat or waders?(because neither of which I have)
    Any help for an amateur would be most appreciated!

  6. stewart · October 1, 2005

    Gerald,there is an earlier post re all the clubless lochs up the old k,s.Fill your boots.On the subject of perch,the Humphrey has produced a few to the fly so far this season.Never got a sniff of one last year.They are actually a very pretty fish but im put off by that nasty spiny dorsal which caused many a sore hand in my youth.

  7. stewart · October 1, 2005

    Oh i note you enquire about access.The humphrey is fairly straightforward if you have a 4×4 or an old wreck which you dont mind ripping the sump out of on occasion.You get a gate key when you join the club.£30 a year and the use of the boat.No spinning or bait however,at least thats what it says on the tin.I think you need to be prepared to hoof it to reach most of the other waters.

  8. gerald · October 1, 2005

    hi stewart – thanks for the reply.
    well i didnt bother with the OK hills as fly fishing is foreign to me.
    we instead went to a place at rhu which seemed to be quite popular – although not with fish!!
    next time i go back ill go armed with more than a few spinners!

  9. Alistair · October 1, 2005

    Where abouts at Rhu?

  10. Stuart B · October 1, 2005

    “we instead went to a place at rhu which seemed to be quite popular – although not with fish!!”

    The mind boggles !!!! Was it a car park …?…LOL

  11. Gerald · October 1, 2005

    right next to rosslea hall – nice guy at the marina pointed us in that direction. it looks like the narrowest point between rhu side of the water and rosneath.

    would have been better in a car park!! other guys were having lots of luck but not me!!

  12. Stuart B · October 1, 2005

    Rosslea Hall Hotel..a mere £109 a night for a single room ..FFS….yeah.That is The Narrows ..Should be a lighthouse nearby …

  13. Gerald · October 1, 2005

    nearby isnt the word. we were leaning against it for a bit-till the tide moved then we had to leg it!

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